by Stan Pavlovsky, Chief Revenue Officer
March 01, 2021 22:55
Announcing the Anura Integration: Prevent online ad fraud with lead authentication

We are happy to announce Retreaver’s latest partnership with world-class ad fraud solution provider Anura. Anura's ad fraud solution can help save you money, save call center resources, reduce TCPA violations and protect your call campaigns from online fraud.

This integration will allow Retreaver’s call filtering and routing systems to use Anura’s capabilities in analyzing and scoring online leads for authenticity prior to being processed by a call campaign network. When invalid inbound traffic (i.e. bots, malware, or other types of noncompliant spam sources) reaches the website of a user and attempts to dial a Retreaver number, Retreaver will use information from Anura to block any flagged inbound traffic.

You might be asking, what is ad fraud exactly?

Anura describes ad fraud as "the practice of viewing, clicking, converting, or generating false interactions with any web asset for the sole purpose of earning money directly or indirectly."

Ad fraud is more common than you may think. In fact, eMarketer in conjunction with the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) reported that ad fraud could account for up to 20% of affiliate traffic generated online today.

What's more, Juniper Research reported that ad fraud could be valued at over $100 billion by 2023. The growth of ad fraud will negatively impact a majority of the online advertising industry if left unchecked and could potentially take up a significant fraction of the entire industry's budget, including yours.

Several large-scale malicious groups have been discovered spoofing affiliate traffic, constructing lead generation through bots and human fraud farms in order to imitate ad engagements and generate fraudulent interactions with online brands. This effectively saps ad budgets, lowers ROI, risks partner chargebacks due to low customer-intent, non-existing or fraudulent leads and in worst cases could cause TCPA violations.

Needless to say, all this has spurred on the need for visitor authentication tools designed to detect ad fraud.

Why Anura?

Accuracy, thoroughness and analytics! Anura’s clients consistently report that they find more fraud, more accurately than any other solution in the market and have the analytics to back up their findings. Anura provides an easy-to-use platform designed to help you analyze and verify online interactions with your brand in real-time, with no false positives. Combined with the call filtering and routing tools provided by Retreaver, Anura can analyze and score online visitors for authenticity prior to being processed by your call campaign network.

In other words, if fraudulent or bad traffic reaches your website and attempts to dial a Retreaver number, Retreaver will block the call before it reaches the endpoint if it is deemed to be fraudulent by Anura.

Visit to learn more about Anura's latest anti-fraud systems.

The Anura solution will provide you with the tools you need to scan visitors and verify genuine online traffic. You can easily integrate with Anura by placing the Anura script inside of your web assets. Anura will then analyze all incoming traffic and immediately respond back with a visitor result, which can then be automatically forwarded to Retreaver and utilized to influence call routing behavior.

Need some convincing? Anura is offering Retreaver clients a free 15-day trial to put them to the test.

Looking to protect your Retreaver call campaigns using Anura?

Retreaver’s customizable call tracking and automation platform enables marketers to automate how their phone calls and data flow while tracking and optimizing conversions. As part of their continued commitment to ensuring their customers are protected against ad fraud and TCPA litigation, Retreaver has developed a seamless, out-of-the-box integration that provides fraud prevention, and ensures peace of mind for call buyers of inbound calls.

Contact Retreaver for an online demonstration, we will provide you with all the resources you need to optimize your advertising outreach, maximize sales results and deliver excellent customer service.

Existing customers may view our "Integrating with Anura" walkthrough guide to get started using Anura on their web pages today!

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