Protect Your Campaigns By Ensuring TCPA & DNC Compliance

Protect your call campaigns from litigation by utilizing the latest compliance integrations.

Protect Your Campaigns By Ensuring TCPA & DNC Compliance.

“Companies increasingly must choose between denying consumers information that they have requested or risk being targeted by TCPA plaintiffs.”

Senate Hearing, Committee on Commerce May 18th, 2016

TCPA and DNC Compliance

Protect your campaigns by ensuring calls are TCPA and DNC compliant.

What is TCPA and DNC Compliance?

"The TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act) is a federal statute enacted in 1991 designed to safeguard consumer privacy. This legislation restricts telemarketing communications via voice calls, SMS texts, and fax." - Twilio Glossary.

The act was passed with the intention of protecting consumers from automated telephone solicitation, however the act also had the unfortunate side-effect of empowering malicious actors with the ability to litigate various well to do organizations through fraudulent solicitation claims.

TCPA litigation has risen by a whopping 1,273% since 2010 and continues to cost the performance marketing industry millions every year in bogus legal fees.

Online advertisers and performance marketers that work in the pay per call industry must ensure that each call interaction includes valid TCPA consent prior to distributing the call through their network. This serves a multitude of purposes: to protect your campaigns from TCPA infringements and subsequent litigations, to promote higher quality leads, to provide better solution standards for your advertisers, and to set yourself apart from the competition.

From the very first time a lead interacts with your content, to the final phone call that leads to a purchase - businesses should take precautionary steps to protect themselves from inadvertently committing TCPA and DNC violations that could otherwise affect their organizations credibility and cost them extra in unnecessary and avoidable legal fees.

In summary, TCPA and DNC compliance ensures that your calls do not violate the Telephone Consumer Protection Act and DNC registry list.

Telephone Consumer Protection Act

The penalty for violating the TCPA range between $500 - $1500 per call or text message. This is a zero-tolerance penalty with no Safe Harbor provision.

How does TCPA and DNC Compliance work?

Using the latest TCPA compliance tools such as Jornaya and TrustedForm, as well as call scrubbing tools such as The Blacklist Alliance and Contact Center Compliance are an essential and ever-growing necessity in the pay per call space.

Retreaver has partnered with the most trusted TCPA verification solution providers in the industry, our technical support team will assist you with any TCPA consent platform integration. We want to ensure that your network is only processing authentic TCPA compliant leads.

Retreaver webhooks can be used to pass along TCPA consent data across various platforms throughout a caller journey. Retreaver webhooks are also capable of integrating with call scrubbing tools that can automatically confirm if calls are TCPA verified and not currently present on a DNC registry list before any call engagement occurs. We work in tandem with your call networks to ensure that only valid, authorized and legitimate traffic passes through your call campaigns.

TCPA Compliance Tools

Compliance monitoring tools such as Jornaya and TrustedForm have set a new standard for what it means to have proof of TCPA compliance. These tools provide the data required to sufficiently prove you are adhering to the TCPA act.

Sure, you can have TCPA language present on your website, but with these compliance tools in your roster, you can be confident knowing that you have a record of consumer intent from the moment it’s given. In fact, many of the biggest advertisers in the United States refuse to accept calls without an attached LeadiD or TrustedForm Certificate.

Additionally, LeadiD provides a detailed history of the consumers’ complete buyer journey, including everywhere the consumer has been. This consumer buyer journey data is vital to making smarter call routing decisions in real time.

For its part, TrustedForm’s Pre-Ping capabilities allow lead selling partners to query lists and see if a potential lead is a duplicate caller before its sent. This gives the lead provider an opportunity to stop the duplicate interaction from occurring.

Call Scrubbing Tools

Call scrubbing tools such as The Blacklist Alliance and Contact Center Compliance empower you with the ability to actively filter callers based on their phone number, providing you with an added layer of protection from professional litigators that are waiting to pounce on any company found to be lacking in adequate protection.

By utilizing call scrubbing tools, you can ensure that your contact list is sanitized and that any provided leads are safe to contact.

Additionally, The Black List Alliance provides two additional layers: The Blacklist Academy (for compliance) and Prepaid Litigation Settlement (recourse).

Contact Center Compliance provides additional services such as EBRNotify, a tool that sends email notifications to inform you of existing business relationships that are coming to their expiration date.

How does it all tie together?

Tracking Jornaya LeadiD's, TrustedForm Certificates and scrubbing your data against The Blacklist Alliance and Contact Center Compliance are all valuable tasks that shield your organization from TCPA and DNC violations, but how can you conveniently integrate with all of these platforms in one place to verify that the results are reflected in your campaign network when you need it?

Retreaver provides you with the features necessary to receive, verify and transfer LeadiD's or TrustedForm Certificates throughout your network using webhooks. Webhooks are also capable of scrubbing inbound calls the moment they reach your inbound phone number or call campaigns.

Our data postback capability enables your publishers to send any necessary caller and token data prior to routing the call into your campaign, while the campaign webhooks enable data transfers down the line for any of your subsequent partners.

By properly documenting TCPA compliance and eliminating interactions with blacklisted numbers, you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing each of your calls include the information you need to protect yourself from litigation. Retreaver supports all the latest and most trusted solutions that promote call legitimacy.

With our user-friendly interface, customizable features, unparalleled call tracking and integration abilities, Retreaver helps any organization or marketer achieve their unique goals.

Retreaver Helps Campaigns Succeed

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Popular Features for TCPA and DNC Compliance

Retreaver provides several features to help you get that conversation going.

Integrate form data

Append caller data from lead forms to the call, use it data to trigger sales agent follow ups, to greet them by name, and to enhance their profile.
Attribute-based call routing

Match leads to the best-matched buyer using any contact attribute as the basis for routing including geolocation, affiliate ID, offer, product, segment, and others.
Send Data to Buyer Systems

Send your clients call data as soon as the routing decision is made to send them the call, when they are connected, or after the call ends.
Synchronize with client systems

Send to, and receive call data from, your client’s lead and sales tracking systems like HubSpot, Salesforce and InfusionSoft.

Post your call data to third party platforms. Retreaver supports reporting, tracking and contact management systems.
Detailed call logs

Quickly drill into the caller journeys you’ve put in place, the tagged data, and the detailed properties of each call.

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Popular Integrations for TCPA and DNC Compliance

Retreaver can integrate with your favorite third party platforms to ensure you're making the most of your caller data.


Jornaya provides TCPA compliance services and detailed caller journey reports by tracking sales leads across various channels.


TrustedForm provides lead certification services, helping contact centers verify legal compliance and the authenticity of internet leads.


Contact Center Compliance provides cloud based compliance solutions, helping organizations adhere to TCPA and DNC regulations.

Blacklist Alliance

Blacklist Alliance provides a Litigation Firewall™, reducing the risk of contacting abusive plaintiffs and class action lawyers.

TCPA Litigator List

TCPA Litigator List provides an up-to-date database of known litigator numbers which can be used to sanitize outbound prospects prior to contact.


Anura analyzes online leads for authenticity prior to being attributed by your network, ensuring your campaigns only process genuine traffic.

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