by Cindy Li, Marketing Specialist & Content Writer
September 04, 2020 16:55
Retreaver Tags Optimize your Marketing Budget

Do you:

Purchase phone calls?

Want specific criteria on the leads that you’re buying, but aren't sure how to determine the authenticity and intent of your calls?

If so, you could be wasting money on your publishers. Read on, because this article is for you.

One common issue among call buyers in the industry is that they find themselves burning through their ad budgets with little to show for it.

That’s why Retreaver developed a comprehensive Tag feature; to help our users hold their marketing sources accountable by filtering out those low quality phone calls, increasing talk times, improving conversion percentages, as well as protecting them from potential TCPA violations in real-time.

Tags allow call buyers to optimize information obtained from software partners and publishers so they know where to route calls and when it is appropriate to block them.

How do Tags work?

Retreaver’s Tag feature allows our users to filter incoming calls by a fully customizable set of variables called tags.

If you only want callers of a certain demographic, there’s no need to filter calls through your agents yourself. Our highly customizable tagging feature ensures that all the calls that come through are already pre-filtered and routed according to the tag(s) that you have set. And if your publisher does attempt to send you calls which fail to meet your criteria, Retreaver will block the call from being routed to you or send the call to another internal offer that matches the caller‘s information better.

For example, you may be sent a call for your debt settlement campaign. If the caller’s information does not satisfy the variable tags which you have set for the campaign, but does meet the variables for a bankruptcy campaign that you are running, your tags can be set to reroute the inbound call to the campaign that is more likely to convert; which, in this case, would be your bankruptcy campaign.

Tags control real-time call data from third party services you use such as The Blacklist Alliance, Pipes, Drips, Infutor, or - just to name a few.

In essence, any information that can be filled out on a landing page/webform or asked in an IVR can be converted into a tag variable. Leads must satisfy the tag variable in order to be routed to a specific buyer.

Using tags, buyers also have the ability to set specific criteria for when to trigger call conversions, including customized payouts for various collaborators, call durations, and/or tiered states, etc. Additionally, tags allow our users to trigger third party integrations/webhooks, with the ability to control what information to send to the buyer.

How tags work: the techy stuff

The Retreaver system allows users to receive data from a sender/primary gatherer and then automatically translate and attach the information into an understandable language known as tags unto your incoming calls. That information can then be gathered used to filter and route calls according to the user/buyer’s preference. (For example, blocking or excluding callers that are currently insured with Allstate auto insurance, or only allowing leads that are looking for life insurance.)

Context Based Tag Behavior

The behavior of tags will vary depending on where they are utilized:

  • When tags are applied to endpoints, they act as filters to determine how calls will be routed.
  • When tags are applied to numbers, they will preemptively tag any leads calling that number.
  • When tags are applied to a conversion criteria or webhook, Retreaver will be instructed to only trigger those events if matching tags are found within that call similarly to a filter.

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Example of tags attached to a Retreaver call:

Tags can then be used to determine call sources, influence call routing decisions, inform agents on the other line of any valuable information, or trigger outbound webhook events.

In other words, Tags allow you to stop blindly accepting calls and routing them to your agents based on caller ID alone - talk about inefficient!

If you want it, just tag it.

TrustedForm Certificates & Jornaya LeadiD

Part of the Retreaver Tag feature is designed to help our users protect themselves from TCPA litigation and fraudulent lead IDs, an ever-present problem that plagues our industry.

Retreaver has a proprietary out-of-the-box integration with TrustedForm and Jornaya that ensures the compliance of your inbound calls, in addition to providing even more call information to help advertisers make informed decisions.

Tags allow our users to indicate that they will only accept calls with an accompanying Jornaya LeadiD or TrustedForm certificate, while our system validates LeadiD or TrustedForm certificate authenticity. In cases where the certificate or LeadiD is not valid, Retreaver blocks the call from coming through in order to ensure that our users are getting only real, authentic leads.

Paying TrustedForm and Jornaya customers have the added benefit of being able to use advanced data lookups on Retreaver which are not accessible to the general user, such as:

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Determine the value of your calls

The tags that you set will automatically route and highlight caller information that was not agreed upon and flag any inbound calls with less desirable value than what was agreed upon. When this happens, you can either block the call outright, route the call to a more appropriate internal campaign, or negotiate a lower payout with your publishers using tag data as evidence. This ensures that our customers are paying the correct value for their calls, with supporting information to help them optimize their CPA.

Example: You can set a tag based on an agreement that your publisher will only send you calls with data no older than 30 days. If you are sent a call with data between 30-60 days that converts, the payout is cut by half, and then half again if the data is between 60-90 days old. This allows you to reap the benefits of a converted call without paying an unreasonable amount for old leads that end up in your hands.

Start using Retreaver Tags today!

Retreaver Tags are the evolution of the PPC industry. The use of tags is a simple but highly efficient way to filter out low quality phone calls and decrease total number of calls while heightening conversion percentages, increasing talk times, and improving conversion percentages on the high quality calls that you want. Quite simply, Retreaver designed our tag feature to save you money.

To get started on using tags for your Retreaver call campaigns, visit our guide on how to use tags on your Retreaver campaigns.

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