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by Laura Berwick, Content Creator & Support

How to utilize remote work platforms for your organization

Several organizations have asked their employees to start transitioning into working remotely as a response to growing global health concerns. Learn more about which online platforms businesses can utilize to continue collaborating together effectively.

by Stan Pavlovsky, Chief Revenue Officer

How Call Tracking Opens Up Growth Opportunities

Tracking customer phone calls improves the way companies serve customers and directly impacts customer satisfaction. Here’s how and why every company should consider call tracking to improve customer success.

by Bianca Cruz, Knowledge Base Writer

How To Increase Your Marketing ROI

Call intelligence is a valuable tool for growing your business. It clarifies which efforts are producing the biggest impact and which are earning you a poor return on investment (ROI). Call tracking can improve your paid campaigns, help you attract new customers and give your teams an edge in closing deals.

by Laura Berwick, Content Creator & Support

How do Offline Conversions work?

Customer interactions are more difficult to attribute in a non-digital sales cycle. A customer could view an advertisement or visit a landing page but then decide to order the product at a later date or visit a physical location and make the purchase in person. This disconnect presents a challenge because sales might not happen over a digital platform or phone call, in such cases confirming a successful conversion will require an offline conversion implementation.

by Jason Kay, Call Tracking Expert

Routing Settings 2.0

We're proud to introduce our new Routing Settings interface, offering streamlined management of how your calls are routed, all at the campaign level.

This new interface simplifies many common tasks and makes it easy for campaign managers to find gaps in buyer coverage.

by Alex Asadi, Community Engagement Support

How to create Tracking Campaigns and Gather Data

Marketing analysis has become especially important because the cost of acquiring new customers is steadily rising. This is due to increased demand from big brands, retailers and growing small businesses aggressively bidding for ad placements on all major platforms such as Google, Facebook, Amazon and so forth. It's important to analyze which advertisements are driving in traffic, especially when clicks and view impression costs are setting new highs.