by Stan Pavlovsky, Chief Revenue Officer
May 29, 2020 19:47
The Insider Cast: Episode 02 - Lead Gen Goliath vs. Compliance Innovator

In our second podcast episode, we sit down to talk with Morris Laniado, Associate VP of Fluent as well as Jamie Field, Manager of Strategic Relationships at Jornaya.

In this exciting episode, we look towards the future. Morris and Jamie share their insights on what the lead generation space might look like in the next five years, as well as how Fluent and Jornaya plan to keep their spots as industry leaders going forward.

This is a podcast episode not to miss.

About The Speakers

Fluent is a leader in performance marketing with an expertise in driving scalable customer acquisition solutions. Leveraging proprietary first-party consumer insights, they are able to partner with brands across various industries, all on a pay-for-performance basis. As Associate VP, Morris Laniado oversees all Data Revenue teams at Fluent, including Sales, Account Management and Operations.
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Jamie Field is Jornaya's Strategic Partnerships Manager and oversees Jornaya's partner ecosystem across publishers, data, and technology partners. Jornaya is a data-as-a-service (DaaS) company working in the major-life purchase industry, including automobiles, consumer finance, insurance, and education. By working with lead generation companies, comparison shopping services, and other partner-contributed data sources, Jornaya has a first-hand view of millions of purchase decisions every month. We organize and provide access to these shopping behaviors enabling the smartest and safest interactions with customers.
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