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Gain call insights by identifying sources, building caller profiles and analyzing caller journeys.

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“The goal is to turn data into information, and information into insight.”

Carly Fiorina, former CEO of Hewlett-Packard

Call Analytics

Learning more about your customers is the first step to growing your business.

What is Call Analytics?

Call analytics describes the process of gathering, processing and analyzing call data for the purpose of identifying caller journeys and call insights. Analyzing calls keeps businesses informed of developing market conditions, and empowers them with the metrics they need to expand future operations.

Having limited access to call data often leads to companies overspending on ineffective marketing efforts, leading to underwhelming sales results. Don't be left in the dark by lacking call data; shed some light on your inbound calls using call analytics.

Marketers, publishers, call agencies, sales and service departments all have an active interest in utilizing call tracking technology to improve their overall performance. Take back control of your campaigns by arming your businesses with the information they need. Store gathered call data & caller profiles in a database or dashboard of your choice and apply your data-backed insights to drive future calls.

How call tracking can be used to personalize calls and influence routing decisions:

Main benefits of gathering call analytics:


  • Only pay for advertisements that work, reduce overspending on ineffective campaigns.
  • Attribute call sources to identify inbound call generators and drive more future calls.
  • Use gathered data from multiple channels to reduce call times & personalize caller journeys.
  • Increase conversion rates by preparing sales or support information prior to routing calls.
  • View detailed reporting and analytic data surrounding your call campaigns.
  • Transcribe call recordings and utilize keyword spotting to identify valuable call insights
  • Monitor marketing, sales or support performance, then use gathered data to improve funnels.

Gathering call data

Gathering call analytics begins by attaching call attributes as "tags" to ongoing calls or unique phone numbers. Tags can be attached using the Retreaver call tracking platform, which can apply tags at the beginning, during or end of a call. Retreaver provides a real-time metrics dashboard and call log, so users can view and organize calls by source, call handler or keyword.

Creating Tags to track Call Attributes

To gather effective call data, you must first define which call attributes you intend on tracking. Retreaver provides several tags out of the box to help track common caller attributes such as caller ID, location, and source. Retreaver users can also create custom tags to track any desired call attributes using our flexible tagging system.

View our Tracking Methods page to learn how to create and apply tags to inbound phone calls.

Use call analytics to:
Attribute call sources What is driving calls to this campaign?
Identify caller touchpoints Has this caller interacted with this brand before?
Evaluate final call outcomes Was the call converted? By which agent?
Develop new call insights Analyze calls to spot common questions or requests.
A/B test campaigns Tweak marketing or sales approach.
Agent analyzing call data.


Analyzing Caller Journeys

Caller journeys describe the journey of a particular call interaction. Caller journeys include touchpoints, caller profiles, and a final call outcome.

Calls begin by interacting with various touchpoints prior to calling such as viewing a landing page, ad banner, or engaging with a direct referral. It's important to identify and monitor touchpoints as they are the first thing potential callers see when interacting with your brand. Tweaking and analyzing touchpoints will provide valuable information that can help drive more calls in the future.

Monitor past brand engagements using caller profiles to deliver quick, personalized experiences for your callers. Retreaver makes it easy to retrieve past call interactions from a particular client, deliver critical information to sales or support agents prior to routing and watch as your conversions and customer service ratings take off.

Evaluate the final call outcome to analyze the end result of your interaction. Determine if the engagement resulted in a confirmed sale, if the service was satisfactory, or if the caller had any additional questions or information to provide. Use gathered call attributes to trigger post call events and automatically document sources, update caller profiles, and report sales & support metrics.

View our "Understanding caller journeys through call tracking" article to learn more about analyzing caller journeys.

Gathering call insights

Call insights help you go beyond just identifying who called you, by learning about why they called you as well. Gathering call insights is all about learning what makes your product or service unique, and can be a valuable tool for exploring potential development avenues for your business. Calls contain vital information that you can use to help steer your business in the right direction.

View our "How consumer insights are critical to your marketing success" article to learn more about the importance of gathering caller insights.

  • Call Profiles:

    Caller profiles do a good job of indexing prior brand interactions and can be analyzed to provide valuable sales and support feedback for your business. Organize caller profiles by desired attribute using a customer relationship manager to identify which of your products or services are most successful, or report common questions and concerns that your callers have to tweak your product or service in the future.

  • Call Recordings:

    Enable call recording on your campaigns to automatically record calls for more interpersonal information about your call engagements. Monitor caller, sales or support interactions to spot future growth opportunities and tweak marketing or sales strategies.

  • Speech recognition & keyword spotting:

    Automatically send call recordings into VoiceBase to output simple text transcriptions of your calls for further analysis. Utilize keyword spotting to scan transcriptions and programmatically parse answers for questions such as "What do you like best about our product line" or "Do you have any suggestions or concerns about our product line".

Retreaver Helps Campaigns Succeed

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Popular Features for Call Analytics

Retreaver provides several features to help you get that conversation going.

Ad, keyword, and creative tracking
Track calls from ads back to the creative, keyword, and/or campaign. Capture unique click IDs to synchronize conversions with your favourite ad platforms.
Full web tracking capabilities

Track contact points across multiple pages and websites using parameter mapping and real-time page tracking to paint a complete call journey from first contact to sale.
Synchronize with client systems

Send to, and receive call data from, your client’s lead and sales tracking systems like HubSpot, Salesforce and InfusionSoft.
Attribute-based call routing

Match leads to the best-matched buyer using any contact attribute as the basis for routing including geolocation, affiliate ID, offer, product, segment, and others.
Call Recording

Integrate with VoiceBase to create transcriptions of your call recordings, then utilize keyword spotting to analyze a large volume of calls automatically.
Detailed call logs

Quickly drill into the caller journeys you’ve put in place, the tagged data, and the detailed properties of each call.

View our features page to learn more.

Popular Integrations for Call Analytics

Retreaver can integrate with your favorite third party platforms to ensure you're making the most of your caller data.


Zapier is our leading integration provider which enables Retreaver to pass webhook data into hundreds of popular web applications to perform thousands of various tasks.


HubSpot is a popular CRM provider, integrate Retreaver with HubSpot to automatically generate contact lists from each call or match information back to return callers.


VoiceBase delivers transcriptions of your recorded calls, pair it with keyword & intention spotting to take your consumer insights to the next level.

Google Analytics

Retreaver is capable of passing data into Google Analytics, adding valuable call data can help you manage your ad-spend and target leads more effectively.


Send call data into Kissmetrics to create custom events or track your marketing and sales progress in real-time using an informative dashboard.


Dasheroo provides an aggregated dashboard for your organization, helping you make sense of multiple data streams in one convenient location.

View our integrations page to learn more.

View our support center to learn more.

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