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Gathering data is the key to improving conversions and creating personalized journeys.

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“Annual calls to businesses from smartphones will reach 162 billion by 2019.”

Mike Boland, BIA/Kelsey

Call Tracking

Gather valuable caller insights by automatically tagging, tracking and routing inbound calls.

What is Call Tracking?

Marketing and advertisements aren’t cheap - fact! To evaluate marketing performance and return on investment, businesses must make data-driven decisions. This is where call tracking plays an integral role. In many industries, phone calls are how a large percentage or even the majority of sales take place.

Of course, it’s within a company’s best interest to know how many calls are coming in, how many of them are qualified calls (i.e. high quality calls which satisfy the requirements of a given offer based on caller demographic, industry, geographical area, etc.), how many of those calls convert based on time spent on the line, and how many of those conversions turn into sales. Without these figures, businesses remain in the dark about their performance.

A phone call is a critical component of any sales cycle and has become a valuable channel for many industries. Marketers, publishers, call agencies, sales and service departments all have an active interest in utilizing call tracking technology to better analyze and improve their overall performance.

Through the use of call tracking, users can identify sources that are driving caller traffic, ping any previous interactions a caller had with a brand, and route callers to a sales or service department once any necessary information is gathered and processed.

How call tracking helps you understand callers and grow your organization:

Main benefits of a Call Tracking Campaign

  • Identify call sources to track where call traffic is coming from.
  • Design caller journeys using flexible routing options & custom IVR messages.
  • Reduce call wait times and enable personalized call experiences using caller profile information.
  • Increase conversion rates by preparing sales or support information prior to routing with an agent.
  • View detailed reporting and analytic data surrounding your call campaigns.
  • Properly attribute marketing & sales performance, then use gathered data to optimize those funnels by A/B testing campaigns to drive more calls in the future.

How does Call Tracking work?

In a nutshell, call tracking describes the process of attaching attributes to unique phone numbers or inbound calls for the purpose of gathering call analytics:

  • 1)
    Generate Tracking Number:
    Retreaver provides a tracking number that directs calls into a custom tracking campaign.

  • 2)
    Display Tracking Number:
    That tracking number is then displayed on your desired advertisement medium.

  • 3)
    Tag & Track Inbound Calls:
    Retreaver attaches "tags" to inbound calls using your custom created attributes and stores all the information into a call log.

  • 4)
    Route Calls to Agent:
    Retreaver then uses your gathered call attributes to organize and route calls to the best applicable agent or support staff suited to handle that call. Businesses can then monitor and analyze any inbound calls that passed through their tracking campaigns.

In summary, call tracking operates by attaching keyword attributes to a particular call or number as it's being processed through a phone network. Call attributes can be applied using a variety of methods which can be triggered before, during, or after a call has been initiated.

Want to learn more about how call tracking works in more detail?
View our "How Call Tracking Works" article to learn more.

Creating a Call Campaign to contain logic

The first step to successfully tracking calls is creating a call campaign. Campaigns contain all the logic to properly tag, track and route calls in order to manage how calls will be handled. Using Retreaver, users can create unique toll-free numbers and associate them with specific campaigns. When a lead dials into the assigned tracking number, they will be automatically connected to the desired direct line or extension, where Retreaver works to gather any necessary information on our backend to process the call and route the caller to the best available agent.

Main components of a Call Tracking Campaign:

  • Call Campaign:

    Campaigns contain all the logic to properly tag and track calls. Campaigns provide an overview of any applied routing settings, IVR prompts, call endpoints and webhook workflows. Users can then monitor their inbound call analytics using the Retreaver dashboard and isolate data by campaign, source, call endpoint, or keyword for more detailed reporting.

  • Tags:

    Tags represent call attributes which are applied to callers as they engage with a campaign, they can also be used to trigger events and route calls to an applicable endpoint. Retreaver can apply tags to a call at anytime either before a call is made, while a call is being transferred, in the middle of a call or after the end of a call.

  • Sources:

    Sources are used to organize your inbound traffic reports. Create sources for specific publishers that are sending traffic to your campaigns, then tag calls/numbers with the applicable source to properly attribute call origins and collect data which can be used to analyze marketing performance.

  • Call Endpoint:

    Call endpoints represent the final destination of a call. After calls are processed in a campaign, they are then routed to the best available agent or department to handle that call, which in most cases is to finalize a sale or handle a support task.

Creating Tags to track Call Attributes

Once a campaign has been created, you must define which call attributes you intend on tracking. Retreaver provides several tags out of the box to help track common caller attributes such as caller ID, location and source. Retreaver users can also create custom tags to track any desired call attributes using our flexible tagging system.

Use Retreaver tags to:
Attribute call sources What is driving calls to this campaign?
Identify caller touchpoints Has this caller interacted with this brand before?
Create customer profiles Apply attributes back to return callers.
Manage routing paths Send calls to support/sales or a particular agent.
Enable automatic workflows Automate post-call tasks using webhooks.
Evaluate final call outcomes Was the call converted? By which agent?

View our "How to Use Tag Types and Operators" guide to learn more about Retreaver tags and their operations.

Applying Tags to calls using Retreaver

Now it’s time to generate calls and drive traffic into your new call campaign! As callers dial the Retreaver provided tracking numbers displayed on your advertisements, calls will be automatically processed and routed through a Retreaver call campaign.

The Retreaver API can be placed on a webpage to track leads in real-time, initiate calls, and apply tags programmatically. Calls can also be tagged while being processed inside the Retreaver platform, such as when using IVR prompts to request additional information from a caller, fetching tags using a static number or posting data back at the end of a call.

Call Tagging and Tracking Methods:

  1. Static Number Tagging:

    Tagging static numbers is the classic way of attributing call sources. Commonly used in traditional advertising, email and promotions, tagged static numbers provide an easy way of identifying a call source by attaching a unique identifier to each number. At the end of a campaign, view your call analytics to review your best performing traffic generators.
  2. Web tracking using Retreaver.js:

    Enable real-time page tracking by placing the Retreaver.js API into your webpage. Retreaver will be able to display dynamic numbers and apply tags for each unique lead on that page. You may also apply tags programmatically using webpage events or initiate a call using a click-to-call button.
  3. Parameter Mapping:

    Utilize parameter mapping on your campaigns to scan visitor URLs and identify any mapped keywords. These keywords can then be used to apply tags for the currently displayed number on your webpage. Pass valuable data between platforms and websites to properly document a caller journey from touchpoint to sale.
  4. Interactive Voice Response:

    Interactive voice response can be used to greet callers, convey instructions or prompt your callers for additional information to help direct them to the right department or person.
  5. Webhook Workflows:

    Webhooks are data payloads which are sent or received using a variety of triggers. They are sent using an HTTP request, in which the URL includes the destination along with a series of key:value attributes.


    An example postback webhook, used to attach tags to a caller number.

    Request a data payload from a CRM platform to receive customer profile information at the start of a call, or use call attributes to trigger events outside of the Retreaver platform at the end of a call.

View our "How to add data to calls" guide to learn more about applying tags to calls using Retreaver's tagging system.

When it comes to call tracking, there is no one-size-fits-all option. Every business, its products, and its operations are and should be unique. That’s why at Retreaver, we designed our software to create a customizable, flexible, and scalable product for our customers.

Retreaver Helps Campaigns Succeed

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Popular Features for Call Tracking

Retreaver provides several features to help you get that conversation going.

Port Existing Numbers

Bring your favourite numbers with you into Retreaver and start tracking them immediately. Our team will help you each step of the way.
Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI)

Automatically replace numbers on landing pages with numbers to track visitors, personas, keywords, and other data with your calls.
Full web tracking capabilities

Track contact points across multiple pages and websites using parameter mapping and real-time page tracking to paint a complete call journey from first contact to sale.
Unlimited data attributes

Track calls beyond UTM parameters to capture any number of attributes about your client’s callers.
Attribute-based call routing

Match leads to the best-matched buyer using any contact attribute as the basis for routing including geolocation, affiliate ID, offer, product, segment, and others.
Live call analytics

View your live and recent calls by source, by campaign and by handling agent on the Retreaver dashboard, while tracking the number of calls received and converted.

View our features page to learn more.

Popular Integrations for Call Tracking

Retreaver can integrate with your favorite third party platforms to ensure you're making the most of your caller data.


Zapier is our leading integration provider which enables Retreaver to pass webhook data into hundreds of popular web applications to perform thousands of various tasks.


HubSpot is a popular CRM provider, integrate Retreaver with HubSpot to automatically generate contact lists from each call or match information back to return callers.


Salesforce uses inbound call data to create contact lists, keep track of leads, pending sales or create follow up events.


Use Retreaver's real-time page tracking functionality to combine web activity into your inbound calls, or trigger calls from a form submission.

Google Analytics

Retreaver is capable of passing data into Google Analytics, adding valuable call data can help you manage your ad-spend and target leads more effectively.


Jornaya provides TCPA compliance services and detailed caller journey reports by tracking sales leads across various channels.

View our integrations page to learn more.

View our support center to learn more.

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