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“Inbound phone calls convert 15 times more frequently than inbound web leads. In short: phone calls are better.”

Mckay Allen, Business2Community

Pay Per Call

Create PPC campaigns to attribute inbound call sources and route qualified traffic to the best representative.

What is a Pay Per Call Campaign?

If you’re in Marketing (or even just work with Marketers), you may have heard the term “Pay-Per-Call” or PPC being thrown around. But what is it, and how is it relevant to your business?

It’s guaranteed that you have been exposed to PPC marketing, even though you may or may not have known it at the time. Think of late night infomercials with a listed number to call (“Call now and get one free!”), clicking on a referral link through a social post or landing page, and even traditional paper advertising with a number to call in order to purchase an item or service. These are some examples of traditional PPC marketing campaigns, and the start of the PPC advertising model as we know it today.

In essence, Pay-Per-Call Marketing is done when businesses contract publishers to generate qualified inbound calls, also known as Affiliate Marketing. Publishers/Affiliate Marketers who work with PPC campaigns must establish effective and consumer-attractive messaging to drive inbound calls into a PPC campaign. Publishers/Affiliate Marketers then are paid for every sale or for every call lasting a certain duration.

Organizations don't always have the resources to form a permanent marketing or sales team. Instead, they may choose to delegate these tasks to affiliate marketers and call centers to reduce operating costs. By diverting marketing and sales tasks to third parties, organizations can focus on building products or providing services, while performance marketers are tasked with promoting their business.

The Pay-Per-Call industry has been steadily growing thanks to the rise of online marketing and shopping trends. Businesses are able to track various performance metrics of their outreach results using unique numbers linked to individual ad campaigns, and use that data to analyze their customer experiences to refine their product, service or marketing effectiveness.

In summary, PPC campaigns aim to generate inbound calls for businesses while reducing overall marketing costs.

Why call tracking is critical for any pay per call campaign:

Main benefits of a Pay Per Call Campaign:

  • Reduce operating costs of maintaining a marketing or sales team.
  • Closely monitor and control marketing and sales performance.
  • Expands your marketing and distribution channel.
  • Only pay marketing costs for qualified generated sales.
  • Easily organize and manage commissions on a per-agent basis.
  • View detailed reporting and analytic data surrounding your call campaigns.
  • Enable personalized call experiences using gathered caller profile information.
  • Design caller journeys using flexible routing options & custom IVR messages.
  • Properly attribute marketing & sales performance, then use gathered data to optimize those funnels by A/B testing campaigns to drive more calls in the future.

How does Pay Per Call work?

Unique phone numbers are generated using Retreaver which are assigned to a pay per call campaign. When a lead calls the phone number attributed to a specific campaign, Retreaver can then link the inbound call to the publisher that generated said call, and record any tracked caller attributes. For marketers working with several partners - Dynamic tracking numbers can be used to auto-populate template phone numbers on a website or landing page which allows you to track multiple visitors simultaneously back to various publishers.

Conversions are used to measure how many sales a campaign generated. A conversion criteria is traditionally timed, meaning if callers are speaking with an agent for longer than a specified timed period, the call is considered "successfully converted" and the information is then processed for reporting. Some campaigns define conversions outside of a timed range by using an event trigger instead, such as a caller opening an account or supplying payment information. In cases like this, call attributes can be updated to indicate a conversion has occurred by the call buyer after the call is processed.

Main components of a Pay Per Call Campaign:

  • Pay Per Call Campaign

    : Organizations who create campaigns assign the requirements that must be met in order to qualify a call, such as when the caller is of a certain demographic/industry, and/or the call lasts for a minimum duration of time.

    By using Retreaver, organizations can monitor their inbound call performance on a detailed dashboard. Retreaver makes metrics tracking easy; we monitor the number of incoming calls and converted sales a campaign generates, and can even isolate data by campaign, publisher, call buyer or keyword for more detailed reporting.

    Curious to know what other features Retreaver can offer? - View Retreaver's Features

  • Publisher

    : Publishers apply to pay per call campaigns, and are assigned a campaign. Publishers will work independently to send traffic to that campaign. When a publisher drives qualified leads to a call, they receive credit for the calls they generate.

  • Call Buyer

    : Otherwise known as a call endpoint, call buyers "purchase" call traffic from publishers. As calls come in, they are routed to the best available agent to handle that call (in most cases to finalize a sale or handle a support task).

Pay Per Call Campaign Roadmap:

    Though it may seem complicated, PPC Advertising can be broken down into the following steps to help you understand the process:

    Design Campaign
  1. Design Campaign:

    Organizations communicate with a publisher, performance marketer or advertising networks to create a PPC campaign which defines any qualifying caller criteria, conversion criteria and any required third party tools that will be used to manage customer interactions.

  2. Create Campaign
  3. Create Campaign:

    The publisher is in charge of driving inbound call traffic to a campaign. Publishers would have to create and manage their own campaigns using Retreaver. You may also grant collaborator access to a publisher, allowing them access to certain campaigns or numbers you have previously created.

  4. Generate Calls
  5. Generate Calls:

    As inbound calls come into a campaign, Retreaver automatically retrieves any previous caller interactions using a customer relationship manager of your choice, and can also create a caller profile for new callers. This information can then be forwarded to a call buyer prior to routing.

  6. Route Calls
  7. Route Calls:

    Using previously gathered caller profile attributes, Retreaver will attempt to match calls with the best available call buyer suited to process the call. Retreaver also offers several features and integrations to help you design the perfect caller journey and ensure great customer service for your campaigns.

  8. Evaluate Calls
  9. Evaluate Calls:

    Any calls that fulfill the conversion criteria specified, such as the call lasting a certain duration or if a purchase was made, will be tagged as "converted" along with any revenue/payout values associated with that call. Revenue is the amount earned from "selling" a call to a call buyer. Payout is the amount spent "purchasing" a call from a publisher.

  10. Retreaver Helps Campaigns Succeed

    Many performance marketers are already engaging with Pay Per Call campaigns. With our user-friendly interface, customizable features, unparalleled call tracking and integration abilities, Retreaver helps any organization or marketer achieve their unique goals.

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Popular Features for Pay Per Call

Retreaver provides several features to help you get that conversation going.

Ad, keyword, and creative tracking
Track calls from ads back to the creative, keyword, and/or campaign. Capture unique click IDs to synchronize conversions with your favourite ad platforms.
Attribute-based call routing

Match leads to the best-matched buyer using any contact attribute as the basis for routing including geolocation, affiliate ID, offer, product, segment, and others.
Live call analytics

View your live and recent calls by source, by campaign and by handling agent on the Retreaver dashboard, while tracking the number of calls received and converted.
Revenue and Payout Reporting

Track the revenue earned and the cost paid for each converted call that you send to buyers and agents.
Per client billing

Producing billing for each unique client, broken down by calls, campaigns, and numbers used.

Post your call data to third party platforms. Retreaver supports reporting, tracking and contact management systems.

View our features page to learn more.

Popular Integrations for Pay Per Call

Retreaver can integrate with your favorite third party platforms to ensure you're making the most of your caller data.


Zapier is our leading integration provider which enables Retreaver to pass webhook data into hundreds of popular web applications to perform thousands of various tasks.


Tune supports affiliates by tracking and measuring click advertising effectiveness through a dedicated SaaS marketing platform.

Google Analytics

Retreaver is capable of passing data into Google Analytics, adding valuable call data can help you manage your ad-spend and target leads more effectively.


Jornaya provides TCPA compliance services and detailed caller journey reports by tracking sales leads across various channels.


Contact Center Compliance provides cloud based compliance solutions, helping organizations adhere to TCPA and DNC regulations.

Blacklist Alliance

Blacklist Alliance provides a Litigation Firewall™, reducing the risk of contacting abusive plaintiffs and class action lawyers.

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