by Cindy Li, Marketing Specialist & Content Writer
January 25, 2021 18:13
Benefits of Merging Webpage Activity with Phone Call Data

Metrics are an important facet of any ad or general marketing campaign. Data metrics are what allow you to see the actions customers take when they visit your website; see which links they click, and even go back through the customer journey to see which ad campaigns drew them to your website in the first place.

For all of these different points of data, you now integrate the same tracking information into your analytics for the phone calls your business receives. Not only will it allow for greater insight on how your marketing efforts drive phone calls, it also enables improved cross-channel visibility that bridges the ever-persistent gap between offline and online marketing.

The Phone is Easier, Depending on Your Industry

For many businesses, it is simply easier for customers to pick up the phone and call for service rather than clicking through an endless stream of pages on your website. When a consumer is locked out of their car at the mall, they’re unlikely to want to browse a website and fill out lead forms. More likely, they’ll want to do a quick Google search, find relevant locksmiths nearby, and call for service right away. Tracking phone calls used to be difficult for businesses, but that difficulty is no longer an issue.

Discover the Most Effective Sources, Channels, and Verticals

Call tracking is far more diverse than most marketers might realize. Using unique business numbers for various ad campaigns or even pages on your site, you can see how your various marketing sources, channels, and verticals are performing. For example, varying final extensions (the last four numbers) can be altered and assigned to different marketing campaigns. This offers insight on how various campaigns are performing, such as which ones generate the largest outreach, and which ones are lagging in performance.

Different numbers can be used for direct mailers, social media ads, email marketing, and your homepage. When customers call those various numbers, they’re directed to the same place: your sales team. However, since they used different numbers you’ll be able to see which verticals and sources generated what type of business.

Go Next Level with Multi-Channel Insight

As you step back to look at your marketing efforts, you can start to see a bigger overview of your campaign effectiveness. Phone call analytics tie together your broader marketing strategy with multi-channel insight. Understanding the customer journey from start to finish, online to offline, is key to improving your marketing as a whole. Without phone call tracking, you can easily lose sight of segments of your customer’s journey from time to time. How is that possible?

Well, some customers might initiate a search online and find one of your search ads. Clicking that link, they’re directed to your site and click through the pages doing some research. If they put off the purchasing decision for a few days though, you lose them in the mish-mash. That same customer could be reminded of your brand through social media days later and find your phone number through a Facebook page. When that customer calls from that posted number, their journey to contact has traversed a variety of channels. Without call tracking, it’s easy to inaccurately attribute a lead like this, leading to compounding marketing decisions that would be made differently had the customer journey been clearer to start.

Phone call tracking allows you to stay on top of your customers’ travels by gaining insight to each individual data point so you know what brought each customer in. Down the road you’ll be able to use that information to better harmonize all of your marketing efforts.

Retreaver has provided a step by step guide on setting up Real Time Page Tracking for your web content, allowing you to gather any web activity and tie it together into an inbound phone call.

You also have the ability to forward activity from site to site through the use of URL parameter mapping in order to pass information along and build a visual narrative for every lead from impression to sale.

Review, Optimize, Repeat

Finally, use phone call recording to analyze the speed and quality of the service or support your customers receive when they call in. You’ll be able to look through those analytics to figure out what’s working and what isn’t. You can then put that information into action by refining each marketing channel for improved performance in the future.

Phone calls provide an essential link between online and offline actions of your consumer. Integrate phone call analytics into your marketing data and you’ll be able to build a bridge from the online world to the offline world.

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