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Performance Marketing

Thousands of performance marketers use Retreaver to track conversions over the phone.
Deliver better leads to sales
Deliver better leads to sales
Package inbound calls for sales with data from the campaigns, qualifying questions, and contact history.
Track call conversions
Track call conversions
Analyze conversion reports to identify the specific buyer, publisher or ad that drove each call conversion.
Manage multiple clients
Manage multiple clients
Administer all your clients, their billing and reporting from one centralized account.
Calculate payouts & revenue
Calculate revenues & payouts
Specify revenues earned by buyer, by campaign, by segment and set payouts at corresponding publisher levels.
Grow your revenue
Grow your revenue
Inbound call tracking gives your agency another offering to expand the work you do for your clients.
Save money
Save money
Reduce the amount you spend on call tracking and routing software by paying only for the features you really need.

Call tracking for Performance Marketers

Call tracking for Performance Marketers

Retreaver delivers effective call tracking solutions for affiliates, publishers and advertisers looking to generate traffic and gather accurate conversion insights.

  • Track your performance by using Retreaver's flexible tagging system, gather an unlimited amount of attributes relating to your calls and send that data to any web infrastructure of your choice.

  • Easily expand your operations by duplicating or reconfiguring previous call campaigns to quickly scale your revenue.

  • Protect yourself from predatory litigations by utilizing the latest TCPA compliance and DNC call scrubbing tools.

  • Optimize conversion rates by sending qualified leads to the best available agent.

  • Retreaver can integrate with any industry leading affiliate tools, plug into your favorite platforms to send data where it needs to go.

How Retreaver's tagging system improves your call campaign performance:

Popular Features for Performance Marketers

Retreaver provides several features to help you get that conversation going.

Ad, keyword, and creative tracking
Track calls from ads back to the creative, keyword, and/or campaign. Capture unique click IDs to synchronize conversions with your favourite ad platforms.
Attribute-based call routing

Match leads to the best-matched buyer using any contact attribute as the basis for routing including geolocation, affiliate ID, offer, product, segment, and others.
Live call analytics

View your live and recent calls by source, by campaign and by handling agent on the Retreaver dashboard, while tracking the number of calls received and converted.
Self-serve client reporting

Choose to provide your clients with their own account access to view detailed call logs for every lead you send them.
Simultaneous dialing

Send calls to a group of buyers, and connect the lead to the first one to accept the call.

Post your call data to third party platforms. Retreaver supports reporting, tracking and contact management systems.

View our features page to learn more.

Popular Integrations for Performance Marketers

Retreaver can integrate with your favorite third party platforms to ensure you're making the most of your caller data.


Drips uses an advanced conversational AI that qualifies leads via SMS, improving lead to call conversion rates and reducing agent overhead costs.


Pipes.AI provides automated split tested outreach systems that prequalify leads into calls, so your agents can spend more time closing and less time dialing.

Google Analytics

Retreaver is capable of passing data into Google Analytics, adding valuable call data can help you manage your ad-spend and target leads more effectively.


Jornaya provides TCPA compliance services and detailed caller journey reports by tracking sales leads across various channels.


Contact Center Compliance provides cloud based compliance solutions, helping organizations adhere to TCPA and DNC regulations.

Blacklist Alliance

Blacklist Alliance provides a Litigation Firewall™, reducing the risk of contacting abusive plaintiffs and class action lawyers.

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