by Stan Pavlovsky, Chief Revenue Officer
January 12, 2021 22:11
How to Pass Data when working with Call Centers

Data Passing when working with call centers

Most performance marketers in the industry seem to run into the same problem. They purchase transfers from call centers that generate thousands of calls every day with customer information, TCPA compliant data such as TrustedForm certificates, Jornaya LeadiD, lead scores and other tracking information but lose all that important data when sending those calls to advertisers and other buyers that are purchasing those transfers.

  • How does one transfer calls along with the associated data?

  • How about using the data as qualifiers that picks buyers that will most likely convert?

  • What do you do when the data disqualifies the call from most buyers?

Using Postback Links to Pass Data

One of the many benefits of working with Retreaver is the flexibility of the platform. Our data passing capabilities allows Retreaver customers to create unique postback links that can be used to customize data that each publisher sends prior to transferring it over to the next party.

Once a phone number has been created on a campaign, simply give the assigned number and postback link to your publisher. Your publishers can then use the link to postback any attributes that could help finalize a sale and promote higher conversions - Retreaver can then deliver a personalized user experience to your customers and inform agents on the other of any critical details using that very same data.

Using our call center analytic and data transfer tools will help you gauge your campaign performance and increase your overall KPI's

For Debt Calls:

When transferring data to calls, publishers often will know whether a caller has debt over a certain amount (industry standards are typically over or under 10K debt). If a caller on the line has already identified the amount they owe with the call center agent warming the call, there is little sense in re-entering the same information through an IVR before passing the call. Perhaps your debt campaign has a buyer that can take calls over $10, 000 and under $10, 000 in debt, and has different assigned phone numbers for each.

Using the postback information, calls can be easily matched with tags on the buyer profile, then sent directly to the buyer without the need for additional IVR interaction taking up the callers time promoting a seamless transition between call handlers.

This postback can also contain personal TCPA compliant information such as names and addresses as well as TrustedForm and Jornaya LeadiD's. Because Retreaver is already receiving this data, we can use our webhook capability to send the information along at the beginning of the call to the selected buyer chosen to accept the call.

Our clients grow their conversion numbers dramatically when friction points are removed from the customer experience. As a result, buyers receive the validation and insurance required with each call, all through our streamlined call and data-passing capabilities.

For Auto Insurance Calls:

Auto Insurance is another vertical in which Retreaver’s data passing capability is of great use to our users.

As we know, the most highly coveted auto insurance customer to performance marketers are the local insurance agents, since they pay the most per call in comparison to agencies and networks.

When calls come in and multiple buyers are attributed to a campaign, call centers are then able to route to a campaign with tens or hundreds of separate insurance agents, each with their own unique buying criteria and priority that must be accounted for.

Retreaver is capable of instantly sorting through all buyers on an active campaign, and only selecting the one most likely to convert at the highest price. Using webhooks, Retreaver can forward all gathered call attributes along to the agent’s CRM or third party system that is being used to organize and manage their incoming leads.

Retreaver achieves this behavior by packaging your gathered call data and appending it to the active call, then searching for the most qualified buyer profile that our users create which best matches with the buyers criteria. The call data is then sent along at the very beginning of the call at the moment of routing.

But what happens when calls fall through the cracks? What happens when your debt campaign’s buyer has reached their maximum call concurrency, or you run into a geolocation where you haven’t been able to make agreements with any agents yet? How does Retreaver handle unique buyer requirements?

Our routing capabilities consider all such scenarios. Our catch-all call processing system plays an important role that enables us all to succeed in delivering high quality leads to the best applicable buyers suited to handle the call.

Retreaver has a simple motto: “For us to succeed, we need both sides of our market to succeed”. That’s why we’ve come up with a flexible solution that helps all parties involved.

Start leveraging the data associated with your calls!

Using Retreaver is easy. Routing calls while taking advantage of data that is normally lost makes performance marketing easy.

Contact our sales team for an online demonstration, The Retreaver platform will provide you with all the resources you need to optimize your advertising outreach, maximize sales results and provide excellent customer service over the phone!

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