by Stan Pavlovsky, Chief Revenue Officer
January 08, 2021 16:47
7 Ways Call Tracking Helps Scale Your Business

Grow your organization through call tracking

Customers can contact businesses in various ways: through social media, on websites and some even order products and services through texting. Whether they’re using their home phones, cell phones or through desktop VoIP technology - It's clear that many people still choose to call businesses directly.

Ask yourself these Common Growth Questions:

  • Which marketing campaign is providing the most leads?
  • How can I improve our customer service experience?
  • What can I do to increase our conversion rates?
  • Do my call agents have all the tools necessary to scale their productivity?
  • What's working, what's not and why?

Tracking customer phone calls improves the way companies serve customers and directly impacts customer satisfaction. Here’s how and why every company should consider call tracking to improve customer success:

1. Route Calls Intelligently

Nothing can turn a merely unhappy customer into an irate one faster than being placed on a long hold or getting sent to the wrong person. The same goes for a potential customer who can’t reach the department or person who can answer their questions quick enough. Call tracking can solve this problem by routing calls based on caller segmentation, capturing customer intent, pre-lead qualification or a variety of other defined factors that will automatically route to the best available agent.

2. Measure Call Length, Conversion Rates and Other Crucial Business Stats using Reports

A good call tracking system gives companies statistics on how many numbers are dialed, hold times and the length of the call. Retreaver provides automated reports with customizable columns to analyze any attributes related to your leads. Companies determine the lifetime value of customers by tying in statistics like conversion rates. Analyzing how the call was initiated and where the lead started can provide valuable insight to the thought process of your customers.

3. Gain Critical Knowledge of the Caller’s Current Context

Key caller data is important to both sales and customer relationship management. Call tracking links the context of the call to factors like time of day, social media activity, real-time form tracking and past customer experience. Allowing companies to have the information they need to serve callers quickly and more effectively. Spot purchasing trends and common customer issues before they happen.

4. Personalize Customer Support

Call tracking makes tweaking customer experiences even easier. Dynamic phone numbers across web pages can tag and track the user throughout their journey. Enable personalized interactions by routing calls based on factors such as ad campaigns, previous engagements, capturing customer intent or feedback, then seamlessly deliver this information to a call agent prior to connecting.

5. Create Dynamic Phone Numbers to Track Concurrent Leads

Dynamic phone numbers are unique numbers displayed for each customer visiting your brand. This allows companies to track multiple users simultaneously while only having to display a single phone number per page, linking every customer with their lead source while maintaining unique personalization across all of your pages.

6. Optimize Social Media Ads, Marketing and Call Agent efficiency

According to Google, almost half (47%) of people who search for a brand using a mobile device will keep searching if they don’t see a phone number in an ad. Google found in an independent study that 70% of customers use “click to call” in ad campaigns to reach companies. Target demographics by content, channel, ad set, language or any other custom tag to optimize your marketing efforts and distributes leads to your agents efficiently.

7. Automatically Resolve Customer Service Issues and Reduce Call Times

With call tracking, you can route calls to the correct department instantly based on previously set attributes. You can send repeat customers to agents they’ve dealt with before, or you can tie their calls with the data you already have about customers from your online contacts with them. Customer experience is enhanced because you do away with hold time, re-routing, and endless menus, resulting in increased customer satisfaction.

By creating dynamic numbers for specific customer issues, those calls can be immediately routed to an existing resource qualified to deal specifically with the issue for quick resolutions. The resulting stats can then be used for further training, product or service development.

Don’t waste the customer’s time asking for information you should already know. Retreaver’s Whisper functionality prompts your call agents with information about who the customer is, why they’re calling and any other information stored in tags using a voice overlay that only your agent can hear prior to connecting. Create a personalized call experience and reduce average call durations, your customers will appreciate the exceptional service.

Retreaver Helps Campaigns Grow

Talking to a real live person will never go out of style, our flexible call tracking solutions will provide you with all the information you need to keep growing your business.

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