Supported Third Party Integrations

Connect with your favorite third party applications to make the most of your caller data.

Retreaver supports a growing list of third party applications to help maximize your data processing efforts.

“Integrations scale productivity, enhance data collection & analysis for your organization.”

John R, InfusionSoft


Retreaver supports a growing list of third party applications to help maximize your data processing efforts.

Lead Management Systems


Tune supports affiliates by tracking and measuring click advertising effectiveness through a dedicated SaaS marketing platform.


Everflow supports affiliate networks through sales tracking, detailed reporting and built in automation tasks that help maximize conversions.


Leadspace aggregates lead profiles from various databases and utilizes intent modeling to provide effective lead tracking reports.


Marketo provides automated marketing tools including SEO scoring, email tracking, lead tracking, lead nurturing and social targeting services.


Eloqua offers tools to create personalized marketing campaigns, automate mailing lists or follow up with leads.


CAKE supports affiliates by utilizing inbound call data to optimize sales peformance, ultimately reducing their digital spend.


ActiveProspect's LeadConduit system provides real-time lead enhancing, analyzing and scoring features - ensuring that only vetted leads get distributed through your networks.


LeadScroz leverages the power of machine-learning and big data to validate and score your leads before being distributed through your networks.


TCPA & DNC Compliance


Jornaya provides TCPA compliance services and detailed caller journey reports by tracking sales leads across various channels.


TrustedForm provides lead certification services, helping contact centers verify legal compliance and the authenticity of internet leads.


Contact Center Compliance provides cloud based compliance solutions, helping organizations adhere to TCPA and DNC regulations.

Blacklist Alliance

Blacklist Alliance provides a Litigation Firewall™, reducing the risk of contacting abusive plaintiffs and class action lawyers.

TCPA Litigator List

TCPA Litigator List provides an up-to-date database of known litigator numbers which can be used to sanitize outbound prospects prior to contact.


Customer Relationship Management


HubSpot is a popular CRM provider, integrate Retreaver with HubSpot to automatically generate contact lists from each call or match information back to return callers.


Salesforce uses inbound call data to create contact lists, keep track of leads, pending sales or create follow up events.


ActiveCampaign helps manage your marketing tasks, create new deals and build contact lists. Reduce your organizations workload while boosting your outreach potential.


Zoho offers diverse customer relationship solutions. Create sale process blueprints then manage your marketing, support and even inventory under a single platform.


Insightly provides CRM and project management tools. Generate contact lists, update marketing tasks and create performance reports using inbound call data.


Pipedrive takes a sales-first approach to customer relations by providing easy to use sales workflows along with traditional CRM features under an intuitive platform.


Infusionsoft offers powerful automation tools that scale your marketing and sales efforts and provide performance monitoring using detailed reports.

Agile CRM

Agile CRM provides a one stop shop for all things CRM. Agile provide tools for workflow automations, sales tracking, email tracking and web analytics.

Monday offers CRM and collaboration tools, helping teams manage their workflows using a centralized communication platform with an easy-to-use UI.


Analytics & Data Visualization

Google Analytics

Retreaver is capable of sending data into Google Analytics, adding valuable call data can help you manage your ad-spend and target leads more effectively.


Send call data into Kissmetrics to create custom events or track your marketing and sales progress in real-time using an informative dashboard.


Dasheroo provides an aggregated dashboard for your organization, helping you make sense of multiple data streams in one convenient location.

Google Data Studio

Google Data Studio provides powerful data visualization tools which can be used to build customized real-time metrics using Retreaver call data.


Tableau provides public data visualization software that can connect to any database and build insightful visualizations using drag and drop elements.


Outbound Automation Systems


Vicidial provides open-source contact center solutions that can be customized to organize and process your calls and call data programmatically across platforms.


Five9 provides auto dialing services, improving your lead outreach potential while aggregating communication channels across your agents and call centers.


Convoso provides omnichannel solutions to automate outreach tasks, Convoso's' AI-Powered virtual agent can deliver valuable pre-qualified leads to your call centers.

ReadyMode Dialer

ReadyMode provides predictive dialing solutions that help call center agents and sales teams stay compliant, convert more leads, and increase revenue with the fastest dialer on the market.


Lead Generation Solutions


Drips uses an advanced conversational AI that qualifies leads via SMS, improving lead to call conversion rates and reducing agent overhead costs.


Pipes.AI provides automated split tested outreach systems that prequalify leads into calls, so your agents can spend more time closing and less time dialing.


Teledrip provides a multi-channel conversational AI that follows up with contacts via SMS, Email or Voice to engage with prospects and deliver leads to your call centers.


PPC Distribution Partners


Everquote provides an online insurance marketplace, partnered with a network of insurance providers and agents that work directly with consumers.

Media Alpha

Media Alpha utilizes an extensive network of call centers and agents covering a variety of verticals that seek to match your callers with the best possible service provider.

Avenge Digital

Avenge Digital generates leads for auto, home, life and health insurance and also services leads provided by third party publishers and advertisers.

33 Mile Radius

33 Mile Radius has built an established network of home service providers in the US. Match your callers with qualified and local home service contractors.


Visiqua works alongside publishers and advertisers to generate and service high-intent customers through customized performance plans catered to suit your verticals.


Marchex supports an ad network API capable of processing a search term and zip code to provide local ad listings from an extensive catalog of verticals and services.


eLocal provides PPC leads for local services and insurance providers. Receive real-time bids and transfer numbers for various vertical via supplied "Need ID's".

Service Direct

Service Direct provides PPC leads for local services and businesses. Receive real-time bids and transfer numbers by supplying a zip code and desired vertical.


QuinStreet connects PPC leads to insurance, loans, banking and home service providers. Receive real-time bids and transfer numbers for your desired verticals.


Quotehound connects PPC leads to auto insurance, final expense, home, health, renters and business insurance carriers. Receive real-time bids for your desired verticals.


SelectQuote connects PPC leads to insurance carriers under various verticals. Receive real-time bids and transfer numbers for your desired verticals.


QuoteWizard offers competitive insurance quotes and connects PPC leads to applicable insurance carriers. Receive real-time bids for your desired verticals.


Media Buying Platforms

Google Ads

Attribute Google Ad campaigns using passed URL parameters, or using tagged static numbers for call only ads.

Facebook Ads

Trigger Facebook offline conversions or create Facebook Lead ads and target custom audiences using Retreaver's call data.


Taboola distributes media with the help of premium publishers and content creators. Display your tracking numbers using Taboola to boost campaign engagements.


Outbrain delivers catered content to over 1 billion users using sponsored banners placed on popular platforms and webpages.


Revcontent connects advertisers with partnered media brands, delivering targeted content to engaged audiences.


Content Management Systems


Use Retreaver's real-time page tracking functionality on your Instapage landers to combine lead web activity into inbound calls, or trigger calls on a form submission.


LeadsHook offers a powerful and highly customizable landing page builder, organize and manage page workflows through their decision tree system.


Are you currently managing a support or sales forum? Retreaver can trigger new comments or posts using incoming call data on your Wordpress sites.


Unbounce provides helpful landing page templates for your call campaigns. Track page activity or trigger calls directly from a form submission.


Communication & Customer Service


Fire unique events inside of Slack based on specific call attributes. Notify your departments instantly of incoming support or sales tasks.

Click Send SMS

Send an SMS to your support or sales teams immediately upon an incoming or missed call, promote rapid follow up to never let an opportunity go to waste.


Notify your support or sales teams automatically of any incoming calls that require assistance, create or update support tickets when connecting with an agent.

Microsoft Outlook

Write and send emails or create calendar events using inbound call data, stay ahead of any important deals or leads by automating outreach tasks.


Utilize gathered call data to create automated emails and follow up with leads, support or sales agents through Gmail using call event triggers.

Google Calender

Utilize gathered call data to schedule reminders or meetings with leads, support or sales agents through Google Calender using call event triggers.


Update lead information, check for agent transfer availability and keep your team informed of any prospect profile changes using Confluence's collaborative tools.


Total Lead Domination offers a SaaS platform for insurance agencies and call centers. TLD supports agent availability controls to optimize your routing flows.


General Integrations


Integration Support: Zapier is our leading integration provider which enables Retreaver to pass webhook data into hundreds of popular web applications to perform thousands of various tasks.


Integration Support: Pipedream provides integration interfaces between different API's using webhook data - trigger various platform workflows using Retreaver webhooks.


Speech Recognition: VoiceBase delivers transcriptions of your recorded calls, pair it with keyword & intention spotting to take your consumer insights to the next level.


Online Storefront: Shopify provides an advanced digital retail platform with built in payment solutions. Use Retreaver's data to create new customers or process orders.


Social Media Marketing: Create custom audiences or outreach email lists and target specific audiences using Retreaver's call data.


Caller Profiling Solutions: Infutor provides consumer identity management tools that help build effective caller profiles using various data rich channels.


Anti-Ad Fraud: Anura analyzes online leads for authenticity prior to being attributed by your network, ensuring your campaigns only process genuine traffic.


Anti-Lead Fraud: IPQualityScore uses a series of fraud prevention systems to score leads for authenticity and prevent fraudulent engagements with your brand.


Caller Profiling Solutions: IMDataCenter provides data appending & enhancing solutions, provide a caller number to return a comprehensive prospect profile.

Coverage One

Agent Availability Integration: Coverage One protection plan provides vehicle coverage beyond an OEM warranty period. An agent availability integration is supported.


Agent Availability Integration: Digital Senior Benefits connects callers with final expense plan carriers. An agent availability integration is supported.


Agent Availability Integration: Integriant is an insurance marketing and sales distribution platform. An agent availability integration is supported.

Solar Direct

Agent Availability Integration: Solar Direct offers solar panel sales, distribution and installation services. An agent availability integration is supported.

Sabal Financial

Agent Availability Integration: Sabal Financial offers various financial services for growing businesses. An agent availability integration is supported.


Data Storage

Google Drive

Retreaver is capable of sending data into Google Drive, store your call transcriptions and attributes automatically at the end of each call.

Google Sheets

Send data into Google Sheets and store inbound call attributes into spreadsheets for storage, reporting or analysis.


Retreaver can package inbound call data, call recordings and transcriptions into Dropbox for analysis or archiving.


Knack offers a code-free database management portal for organizations looking to build their own data storing & processing solutions.


Retreaver can export gathered call attributes directly to your desired PostgreSQL database.


Retreaver can export gathered call attributes directly to your desired MySQL database.

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