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Pay-as-you-go call tracking, routing and analytics that grows with your business.

We receive 50 calls per month

Premium Services

Upgrade your account with premium services and add-ons.

Live Call Controls

Add hold and transfer capabilities for your agents answering the calls.

$0.01 per minute

Inbound Call Consulting

Monthly session with a Retreaver call tracking consultant for guidance on your call-based campaigns and strategies.

$300 per month

Technical Consulting

Up to 5 hours per month with a technical consultant for help with all your technical implementation needs.

$600 per month

Onboarding sessions are included free of charge to help your team get acquainted with the Retreaver platform.

$ 25 / mo

Your estimate includes:

  • 200 NA minutes* per month
  • 15 NA phone numbers per month
  • $0.05 per additional minute
  • $1 per additional NA phone number
  • Live call controls
  • Inbound call consulting
  • Technical consulting

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* Note: An average of 4 minutes per call is used.

Every account includes...

Phone numbers
Get the perfect toll-free or local number right from within your account when needed for campaigns.
Detailed caller profiles
Tag inbound calls with all the data attributes you need to fully understand who is calling and why.
Unlimited campaigns
Design, test and swap call campaigns on the fly as you optimize caller journeys and experiences.
Dynamic call routing
Intelligently route calls to the right person using dial pad interactions or known contact data.
Conversion tracking
Measure call outcomes and synchronize sales conversions with agent tools for accurate tracking.
ROI analysis
View and filter your calls by any of the data attributes you collect to get deeper ROI insights.
Collaboration tools
Provide agents and partners with collaborator access to view their call logs and profiles.
Match callers with a contact database and update reporting and marketing systems in real time.


Is Retreaver right for me?

Retreaver is built for marketing and customer service agencies who value their call data. Retreaver is designed from the ground up to capture, process and forward inbound call data. With this data, you are empowered with enterprise-level insights behind your inbound calls, and are then able to use the data with any of your other customer and contact systems.

Learn more about the benefits of call tracking.

Are there any monthly fees?

Retreaver does not charge monthly fees. Retreaver is entirely pay-as-you-go. You pay only for what you use.

Are there any onboarding fees?

Retreaver does not charge onboarding fees. Our team is focused on getting you set up for success and will provide the support and documentation you need so that your team is fully ready to go with your new call tracking services.

Do you offer discounts?

Retreaver offers discounts on per minute charges for high volume customers. Retreaver also periodically offers promotional pricing, including discounts and free add-ons. Call our team at 1-866-898-7878 for more information.

Is new user training required?

Many of our customers get started tracking calls on their own. Our comprehensive knowledge base includes many walk-through guides for all features. For those who would like more detailed training, we offer onboarding sessions.

Which types of support are included?

Retreaver provides all of our customers access to our support center at You may also submit questions, issues and product requests to our support team. Wish to speak with a live agent? Call our team at 1-866-898-7878.

Still have questions about how Retreaver can help your business?

Give us a call at 1-866-898-7878 — don't worry, we'll know what you're calling about.

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