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Analyzing Call Recordings Using Voice Analysis Powered By VoiceBase

An Introduction to Natural Language Processing using Machine Learning

You might be familiar with listening to call recordings to better understand how your leads are being processed. If you have, you already know how tedious it is to spend your time manually deciphering and analyzing thousands of calls - especially when there are a thousand other tasks waiting for you!

Luckily, there’s a quicker, easier, more efficient way to analyze your call recordings by taking your call analytics to the next level through the use of voice analysis powered by machine learning.

Have you ever used the speech-to-text features on your smartphone to type or send out messages? If you have, then you already have experience with using machine learning tools that utilize Natural Language Processing techniques ( also known as NLP ), which deliver the speech-to-text functionality present on your devices.

When it comes to call tracking, NLP tools are able to detect patterns in an audio recording in order to deliver transcripts of your speech. Once a call transcription has been generated, it can then be further analyzed to extract valuable call data. For example, there may be questions that an agent may ask on any given phone call, such as if the caller would be interested in packaging their auto and home insurance plans for a better rate. NLP tools can analyze the call transcript programmatically to identify certain events such as:

  • Verification that agents are asking certain questions
  • Caller response trends
  • Frequently raised concerns
  • Follow-up questions

By identifying response trends and gathering call insights, you will be better positioned to advertise your insurance packages and market your brand for future customers. Your call recordings contain a treasure trove of data that can be transcribed to extract actionable caller insights and shine a light on your customer interactions with your agents...without having to sift through them manually!

Retreaver is happy to announce our partnership with VoiceBase, a trusted speech recognition provider. VoiceBase was founded in 2010 and has been providing voice analytic solutions to clients looking to optimize their customer experience and sales performance over the phone. You can learn more about VoiceBase by visiting their in-depth "Analytics for Customer Experience" use-case demonstration.


Benefits of analyzing call recordings using Natural Language Processing:


How to utilize Natural Language Processing with Retreaver

Retreaver is here to help you attain your goals using NLP and to ensure you are getting the full picture of your call outcomes and insights.

Our developers can utilize any past calls if they have been processed using a Retreaver campaign in order to demonstrate our voice analytics and keyword spotting features. Retreaver will configure and prepare your tracking campaigns so that any desired call campaigns are ready for text transcription and voice analysis automatically at the end of every call.

We will work with your team to design unique categories that are able to scan for specific call events that occurred in your calls, and we can even deliver a complete report which will showcase where and when those events took place.

Whatever information you wish to extract - Retreaver has got your covered.

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Does your team have experienced developers familiar with Zapier & VoiceBase?

View our "Analyzing Call Recordings using VoiceBase" guide and follow along with our step by step instructions to learn how to process & transcribe your call recordings automatically at the end of a call using your own VoiceBase account.

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