by Cindy Li, Marketing Specialist & Content Writer
Enrich Your Call Data Using Identity Management Solutions

Identity Management Solutions

You might already be familiar with the benefits of using "Customer Relationship Managers" to keep track of clients that have engaged with your brand in the past, but how would you fill in the data gap if the caller on the other line is new to your brand?

Call centers that want to verify the identity of a first time caller, and marketers that want to optimize their outreach methods can benefit from implementing consumer identity management solutions on their call tracking campaigns. Identity management solutions can leverage various third party customer touch points across the web in order to deliver descriptive caller profiles directly to your call center agents.

Knowing more about who is calling can be just as important as knowing why they are calling in the first place. Identity management solutions aim to enhance customer engagement and help companies better understand their customers. Provide your marketing, sales or support staff with actionable caller insights by learning more about your callers:

  • Use caller profiles to help marketers analyze and tweak their advertising outreach results.
  • Empower your sales team with data to present customized & desirable sales offers.
  • Improve customer service from your support staff by personalizing engagements

How do Identity Management tools work?


Chances are your caller has several public social media accounts, or they have supplied their contact information through an online store, landing page, web form or newsletter in the past. All of these engagements are obtained through privacy compliant consumer databases. These engagements leave a valuable trail of data breadcrumbs that your team can leverage to enrich first-contact caller profile data and offer personalized service for your customers.

Identity management tools operate by aggregating several reputable third party vendors for client data. Identity management providers spend years gathering and updating customer profiles from popular data vendors such as Google, Facebook, and other consumer databases in order to deliver the most up-to-date and in-depth customer profiles.

Identity management tools can provide enterprise level knowledge about a particular caller, which can be passed along to sales or supports agents prior to routing the call. This enables call tracking platforms such as Retreaver to filter and route callers based on the provided attributes, while also offering your agents actionable insights about the caller that is being routed to them.

When an incoming caller engages with your call tracking campaign, Retreaver will send out a request to your preferred identity management provider using webhooks. This request will ping the system using some initial identifying details such as a phone number, name or email in order to narrow down and provide the most accurate caller profile. The provider then fetches all relevant attributes and sends it back to Retreaver which automatically tags the caller with any received attributes before it is routed to your desired agent.

What kind of attributes can be associated with a call?

There are several caller attributes that you can gather depending on your identity management provider and initially provided reference details such as a phone number, name or email.

Caller Attributes that can be gathered using Identity Management tools:

  • Full Name, Date of Birth, Address.
  • Existing social media profiles, Emails.
  • Education, Occupation, Demographic.
  • Interests, Affinities, Brand engagements.
  • Caller residence details that are relevant for insurance leads.
  • Caller vehicle details that are relevant for insurance leads.


Reputable Identity management providers:

Retreaver can integrate with any webhook workflow accepting third party provider. Good identity management providers regularly refine and update their databases to ensure accurate caller details are passed along, the following tools have a solid track record of providing actionable caller details for their clients:

  • Infutor:
    Infutor enriches contact records using privacy compliant consumer databases. Infutor developed an "ID Max solution" which uses a regularly updated identity graph that provides up-to-date caller details. ID Max can also protect call centers from fraud by identifying, verifying and scoring inbound callers so your organization can be confident that the person on the other line is who they say they are.

  • Full Contact API:
    Full Contact provides full service identity managements tools that utilizes their patented identity graph to verify contact identity. Full contact provides extraordinary volumes of psychographic data that can provide a complete picture of a callers affinity and touch point history across multiple channels to provide you with the most actionable call details necessary to enhance customer experience and promote authentic customer engagement.


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