by Cindy Li, Marketing Specialist & Content Writer
January 15, 2021 17:08
How Call Tracking Helps Leverage Your Marketing Efforts

What is Call Tracking?

Hitting the phones is one of the biggest ways to drive business. 5 billion people in the world have a mobile phone – that’s two-thirds of the people on the planet – and most of them like to talk.

Call tracking solutions allow businesses to attribute calls back to different traffic sources. One way to do this is by generating a series of unique phone numbers that can be assigned to a specific marketing asset. Example: direct mail, newsletter or online ad.

Advanced call tracking solutions can leverage more detailed call data and store them as attributes to an individual call, this allows companies to associate unlimited amounts of data to specific calls and callers. Call tracking can improve your paid campaigns, help attract new customers and give your teams an edge in closing deals.

Identify Omnichannel customers to track customer journey

Customer don’t behave like they used to. They don’t always follow the straight-line journey from interaction to purchase. They bounce around from stage to stage and from offline to online and back again, making the sales journey and attribution difficult to track.

Retreaver can look at the pages your would-be customers looked at before they call you, the ads on which they clicked and the sites they visited using Real-Time Page Tracking. Retreaver tracks any interactions with your web assets to infer certain details related to a prospect, that information is then paired with the resulting call and its outcome.

Marketers who have access to these call insights can analyze all the gathered information to see exactly where their marketing efforts are driving interests. Along with information on which ads get the most clicks and what characteristics those ads share.

Without call tracking, you will not be able to associate return calls back to that the same person. Call tracking captures the identity of a caller and ties them to records in your Customer Relationship Manager (or creating a new entry if they’re not there already). Using CRM's help you identify prospects as they jump from channel to channel.

Build insights over your marketing performance

Call tracking technology automatically updates you with who is calling, why they are calling, and who they speak with when the call connects. This is critical for marketers to be able to respond in a timely manner to any shifts in the market, changes in customer mood, or problems with your campaign. Utilize CRM's and automated reports to paint an overview over your phone sales performance, build on what works or find gaps where to improve.

Retreaver's Dashboard Analytics improve your vision as a marketer to better understand the target consumers you’re hoping to reach. We deliver the data you need to see across marketing channels and track consumers as they weave through desktop searches, mobile app interactions and social media engagements.

Optimize Ad Performance

Optimizing campaigns can only be done with proper metrics. Without data to back up our actions, there is no way to know if we are hitting our goals. Therefore, we need to be sure that every goal is being measured correctly.

Get the granular data you need to understand how your ads are performing with call tracking. You’ll know which ads and keywords generated calls, and match conversions back to specific ads in order to better understand what your customers are responding to.

Retreaver call tracking provides the tools you need to integrate with media buying platforms such as Google Ads and Facebook Ads. Integrating your media platform with call tracking lets you follow each unique visitor’s interaction with your web assets, gathering the level of data you need to make informed and actionable decisions to drive future calls and pull underperforming ads to put your marketing budget to better use.

Identify Revenue Drivers

Retreaver's call intelligence can identify revenue drivers. Retreaver's Conversion Analytics will help you identify which campaign drove the most sales and which products or services get the most traction. Retreaver illustrates the source of calls so you can clearly see what made a person pick up the phone. You can also see whether your marketing campaigns had a direct impact, or if there are gaps in your marketing strategy that could be filled to drive future traffic.

If a particular product line is disproportionately responsible for phone call volume, it might be an area in which your company should further develop. Likewise if certain campaigns are under-performing, you can analyze the data to identify improvement opportunities - perhaps the source of your calls is driving low-intent traffic or the advertisement messaging needs refinement to attract the right audience.

Call tracking solutions work well when integrated with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms (i.e. HubSpot). CRM's can enhance a caller profile and provide contact center agents with information that can be used to convert a call more effectively.

View our Hubspot Integration guide for more information.

CRM's can also store prior engagements, helping you visualize the customer’s prior marketing history (how and when they’ve encountered the brand in the past), while simultaneously being able to update the CRM with any newly gathered information. Knowing more about the caller makes it possible to create more targeted and more valuable experiences for your callers.

Get definitive data-driven results

If digital marketers deploy ad campaigns without analytics, how will they know what worked and didn’t work? Modern, digital consumers leave a trail of digital breadcrumbs for marketers to follow and analyze along the path to purchase.

Forbes cites its own Insights Report, as well as work from ITSMA and Vision Edge Marketing, showing two startling statistics:
First, only 22% of marketers have successful, data-driven initiatives delivering viable results.
Second, 74% of marketers can’t even measure or report on the impact of their campaigns to the business’s bottom line.

As a digital marketer, if you’re going to make data-driven decisions you need analytics to deliver those data points. A/B testing will help you determine which channels are operating at peak efficiency.

Retreaver makes it easy to quickly create and assign intelligent phone numbers to online and offline campaigns, tracking not only which channel is driving the most traffic to your sales team, but also which is converting the most sales.

Digital interactions are vital influencers in the purchasing behavior of 21st century consumers. You don’t have to let phone calls fall through the cracks in your marketing analytics. With Retreaver, you’ll seamlessly bridge that divide and provide a better experience for your consumers from start to finish.

Call intelligence is a valuable tool for growing your business. It clarifies which efforts are producing the biggest impact and which are earning you a poor return on investment (ROI).

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