by Cindy Li, Marketing Specialist & Content Writer
July 30, 2021 16:43
How Real-Time Page Tracking Can Increase Your Customer Service Experience

Identifying Customer Service Pain Points

We know that being on the phone with a company is no one’s favorite activity. Calling in for support is a dread all consumers share. Many consumers are already frustrated by the time they have to call a customer support line, they don’t want to answer anymore questions and just desire immediate help to process a critical objective.

Now imagine being a traveler – they’re paying long distance, they’re away from home, and they definitely need to speak to a live agent to sort out their situation. Alternately, they may be planning or booking a trip, which is a high ticket item. In either case, they will want to urgently speak with a real person to confirm they’re getting what they want and for the right price - all without taking up more time than necessary.

Any organizations should regularly ask themselves what they can do in order to provide excellent customer service, what if you could know exactly what a potential caller is calling about before they even pick up the phone?

A Typical Use Case Examined

“Sam is searching for last minute flights on his tablet and decides to call in for help. Rather than being sent to an IVR to press keys, and waste valuable time, Sam is directed immediately to an agent who is provided with the information to answer: “Hi Sam, I see you’ve recently been looking at flights to New York, is that what you’re calling about? If so I have some suggestions for you”.

Retreaver was able to infer several bits of information based off of Sam's web activity and previous engagements on the travel booking site using a concept known as real-time page tracking, this system was able to infer several key bits of information from Sam's prior brand interactions - ultimately delivering Sam a smooth, pleasant and hassle free experience.

This kind of intuitive, personalized service leads to happier customers, increased sales, and less time spent repeating information on the phone. Real-time page tracking is an excellent solution that will ensure your callers always receive the best possible customer service experience.

Benefits of Real-Time Page Tracking:

1) Understand your customer’s journey right through to booking. Your company might have different phone numbers on different web pages, presumably to let the marketing team know which page is converting more calls. With Retreaver, we are able to provide the call agent with the complete context and customer journey at the time they call – that means each page they looked at leading up to the call, not just the page they called from. That instant context is packaged into a dynamic number and passed on to the call center agent with all of the data on the caller and their reason for calling intact.

2) Personalize support experiences while increasing customer satisfaction. Most companies do not offer their customers segmented or dynamic numbers to call in – just a general IVR no matter the customer circumstance. Retreaver allows you to understand exactly what each customer was doing on your website at the time. Our routing feature also allows companies to create unique experiences depending on the context of a call, for example, if someone is calling while in the middle of booking a trip, they can be taken directly to an agent who knows about that region and even speaks the language. The agent saves time by addressing the customer’s concerns immediately, while the customer feels like they have received a customized experience. Retreaver also lets you route callers to the same agents if they call back twice, making all customers feel like VIPs.

3) Support local or specialized agents. Retreaver provides a number pool and integrates with your digital advertising. Localize the phone-in numbers to your customers’ general area, and set up a chain of call recipients based on top-performers and/or specialization to deliver a better customer experience. For example, if Disney has 27 licensed Disney travel agents in the Denver area, corporate advertising can instantly populate with local numbers, driving the calls to the agents in order of priority, and continuously ringing down the list so that you never lose a lead. Attribute and localize callers to their respective area, branch or department.

4) Know which channels and agents sell more of your tours by phone. Attribution for the phone is a big challenge in any industry that still relies heavily on mixed marketing efforts of traditional advertising, digital, and phone. Retreaver is a unique company that provides attribution not only for how many calls were placed, but complete click to call to conversion analytics and attribute reports, providing companies with the insight they need to better understand the value of their marketing channels and how they perform on converting phone calls.

5) Prequalify leads and customers. Retreaver uses a tagging system to identify customers based on given data and behaviour. Before you direct where their call goes and an agent picks up the phone, you can pre-qualify your customers by whether or not they match certain tags. This will help the system understand where to send the call and what kind of experience to navigate this customer into. Callers may be a high value investment customer that requires special attention or a student calling about a checking account. Retreaver’s system fills out the tags for each caller and packages the information into the dynamic number so that the call gets routed to the best representative.

6) Handle questions effectively. Call tracking helps put an end to the frustration and annoyance your customers can feel when their calls are endlessly re-routed, and they have to repeat their information over and over. A call can be forwarded to another representative and seamlessly carry over any attributes related to that call or customer, helping your agents quickly identify questions and suggest a solution, ultimately providing a smoother customer service experience.

Real-time page tracking can open up growth opportunities for your business, increase customer satisfaction through personalization and take some workload off from your agents through data-driven decision making.

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