by Cindy Li, Marketing Specialist & Content Writer
January 15, 2021 17:13
Retreaver Functionality Spotlight: Click-To-Call

Introducing Click-To-Call

Brand accessibility is taking off, and organizations are rushing to bring their brands online. More consumers are opting to shop digitally, increasing demand for an online brand presence, quick support and the ability to easily contact a representative before finalizing a purchase. Brand awareness, ease of shopping and communication have taken the focus as the primary sales funnel.

Forrester reports, “ads that prompt customers to initiate a phone call see higher engagement“, making calls more valuable than clicks. An individual that places a call or uses the click-to-call feature is in the mood to purchase, and “those who initiate an inbound call spend an average of 28% more” on products and services.

The new mobile norm has moved to “click-to-everything”. Click-to-call, click-to-login, click-to-join. Retreaver offers the capability to place dynamic numbers and allow leads to click-to-call (or simply call) without having to scan the page for a number and input it manually, making it extremely quick and simple for consumers to connect with your brand.

By using Click-To-Call with Retreaver, you are empowered with a set of features to tag, track, and route your leads automatically. Your point of access to a Click-To-Call button can say a lot about your customers intentions, tie together web activity using real-time page tracking and parameter mapping to collect and organize descriptive lead profiles.

Potential clients intentions can be pre-determined prior to being connected with a representative, removing the need for forms and needlessly long interactions with a sales-rep over the phone. This means that your leads get excellent personalized service, quickly and without the need for any form filling by utilizing a combination of real-time page tracking and parameter mapping on your offers.

Benefits of Retreaver Click-To-Call

Retreaver offers several features to get that conversion going:

1) Call your leads through a simple button press, without having the lead pick up the phone and search for a number to input providing a hassle free experience. A lead presses the click-to-call button and Retreaver will automatically append all tracked properties to the call and attempt to match that information with an appropriate agent.

2) Put up an IVR per offer to take that caller and easily request any additional information if necessary. Some calls don’t need an agent to assist, set up automated response options for your support numbers. These options will quickly resolve calls and free agents up for more complicated cases.

3) Route the call anywhere it needs to go with our smart routing system, customers can be sent directly to an appropriate agent. Calls are resolved faster and wait times are reduced.

4) Pre-qualify the lead through our tagging system that will identify a set of attributes to determine what kind of call-in experience to deliver. Attributes can be whispered to an agent, enabling your representative to know any critical information prior to picking up.

5) Deliver Personalized Experiences, we are integrated with several affiliate networks using CRM software like Hubspot, allowing your agents to use vital information such as customer name, location, intention and desired products to convert your leads in a quick and hassle free environment.

6) Integrate with your current analytics or ad servers, leverage our automated reporting system to get an overall view of your phone sales performance, popular attributes, conversions, point of access and so forth.

7) Never lose another lead using our continuous ringing feature, your calls will get routed quickly and efficiently as long as there is an available agent. Our IVR solutions can also allow the customer to reserve their place in the queue, then hang up in order to be contacted later. The system then returns their call when an agent is available. This relaxes the customer, as they don’t have to be forced to listen to a holding message for an extended period of time.

Click-To-Call provides a simple interface between the lead and your call center.
Impress your leads with a personalized hassle free experience using the descriptive profile you've created for them, helping you close sales quickly and effectively.

By adding Retreaver to your marketing arsenal, you can increase your existing revenue streams and branch out more aggressively into mobile advertising using data-backed results. Best of all, there are no contracts to sign or hidden charges to look out for. Just pay for the phone lines and minutes you need to use.

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