by Alex Asadi, Community Engagement Support
January 12, 2021 19:19
What is Call Tracking And Why Does It Matter?

What Is Call Tracking?

At a basic level, call tracking generates a series of unique phone numbers, where each number may have attributes attached to represent the source and journey of a particular call. Call tracking monitors the originating source of a phone call, while also updating and evaluating the result of a call using individual keywords attached to the uniquely displayed and tracked number.

Call tracking is a necessary marketing tool for businesses looking to track and measure advertisement campaign success, obtain customer insights or route calls intelligently to a specified department. It is often deployed to keep track and organize campaign engagements by analyzing the source of call traffic and the callers intention, helps provide exceptional customer service and evaluate the final outcome of a call by confirming successful sales or engagements.

Call tracking at its core helps businesses drive strategic and tactical change through data-backed results.

Why Is Call Tracking Important?

Gathering descriptive call data is important to both sales and customer relationship management. Call tracking is one of the most valuable tools a business can utilize to successfully drive growth and strategic decision making. By having tangible data associated with your calls, businesses are in a better position to understand their advertising ROI, tweak their ad spend or target demographic and scale their marketing efforts effectively.

Businesses are moving online and digital adspend is steadily increasing, online sales are thriving which causes ad bids to become increasingly competitive over time. On top of increased ad competition, businesses are getting involved with various new advertising platforms which if left unmonitored can create large information gaps for marketing campaigns, making it more important than ever to actively monitor and track your marketing efforts and results.

Call tracking will take the guesswork out of marketing your business, effectively saving you money, increasing revenue and customer satisfaction through providing tangible data-driven results.

What Can I Do With Call Tracking?

Businesses rely on steady growth to succeed, a stagnating business is a dying business. However determining the next step is very crucial to your success, oftentimes making the wrong decision is worse than making no decision. Call tracking offers data-driven metrics, providing value for any business.

Attribute The Source Of Your Calls

A business that doesn't have the capability to attribute the source of their customers, wont know what is driving revenue. Call tracking helps business owners make effective decisions that can grow a company. Businesses need granular data to understand how their ads are performing, with call tracking you can visually monitor ad spend ROI. You’ll know which ads and keywords are generating calls, then match conversions to individual ads to better understand which campaigns your customers are responding best to.

Gather Consumer Insights And Build Contact Lists

Consumer insights can be gathered to help businesses better understand their customers, stored brand engagements can generate retarget lists, monitor existing leads and confirm sales. Knowing more about their customers makes it possible to create better targeted and more valuable experiences for their clients. Analyze your calls using automated reports to study why people are calling, find out what prompted them to pick up the phone and which engagement made the largest contribution to a sale. Call Tracking will provide the information you need to spot purchasing trends and common customer issues before they happen. Read more about how consumer insights are critical to your success.

Pre-Qualify And Route Calls To The Right Department

Through capturing customer intent and using our attribute based routing system, businesses can route calls to the correct department or to the best available agent instantly based on previously set attributes. You can send repeat customers to agents they’ve dealt with before, or you can tie their calls with the data you already have about customers from your previous online engagements with them, creating a unique personalized experience for every caller. Customer experience is enhanced because you do away with hold time, re-routing, and endless menus, resulting in increased customer satisfaction and shorter conversion times.

What Are The Benefits Of Call Tracking?

At its core, call tracking helps drive strategic change for a business. Without the right information, a business owner is walking in the dark, unable to discern which efforts are producing results and which efforts are causing losses for a company.

Help Marketers And Advertisers Make An Impact

You wouldn't want to spend money and energy towards something that wouldn't return any value, so why would companies keep spending money on inefficient marketing efforts? They do so because they aren't armed with the data they need to make informed decisions.

With call tracking data completing the attribution picture, businesses are now armed with information to answer hard questions such as:
  • Should you and the client shift focus to a different demographic?
  • Is there anything about our product or service that needs improvement?
  • Do you need to change the voice or wording of an ad?
  • Are you spending too much money on an ineffective marketing campaign?
  • Is the value being clearly presented to callers?

Increase Revenue And Customer Satisfaction

Call tracking and call intelligence can identify revenue drivers. Sales data will identify which campaign drove the most sales and which products or services get the most traction. If a particular product line is disproportionately responsible for phone call volume, it might be an area in which your company should further develop. Call tracking will also reduce unnecessarily long hold times and help create a personalized customer experience, improving positive engagements and overall customer satisfaction.

Increase Advertising ROI

Big brands, retailers and growing small businesses are transitioning to digital sales, causing a sharp increase in online ad-spend. This means that the cost of bringing new customers to your business is reaching new heights as ad bids become increasingly competitive. It's become more crucial than ever to track your advertising effectiveness especially as the cost per click/impression keeps rising. Call tracking will effectively save you money by attributing your ad-spend budget to your sales, double down on valuable keywords or remove ineffective advertisements to free up your budget.

Help Your Agents Close Leads Effectively

Call tracking helps everyone working within your revenue funnel, from marketing to sales. Successful sales departments have adopted CRM systems to create lead contact lists, however manually organizing, maintaining and updating a contact list takes a lot of work. Call tracking can automatically send data to any CRM system, adding new contacts and updating engagements seamlessly in real time has never been easier.

Your agents can access this information any time, even before a call is routed to them. A sales-rep can then immediately infer and understand a callers intention, identify any potential questions, analyze previous engagements and leverage personalized information that can help them successfully close a sale in the shortest amount of time. Make sure your departments have a reliable, easy-to-use call tracking system to help scale their productivity and improve customer experiences.

What Kind Of Data Can I Get With Call Tracking?

Retreaver offers the most customizable platform when it comes to providing actionable data through call tracking. Retreaver can infer dozens of call attributes automatically from any call, but that's just the the tip of the iceberg.

Monitor All Of Your Engagements From Impression To Sale

Retreaver supports real-time page tracking, enabling unique functionality for savvy web developers. Using real-time page tracking, we can store web activity and engagements from a page into a call. Better yet, monitor activity from site to site through the use of URL parameter mapping and pass information along to build a visual narrative for every lead from impression to sale.

When a prospective lead calls a number on your chosen medium, [ whether it's from a Billboard, Television Ad, Social Post, Search Ad or Webpage ] - Any engagement, filled in form data and tracked web activity is automatically appended to your call as tags and can be used to influence routing decisions, inform agents of critical information and stored to create descriptive customer profiles for repeat callers.

Gather Valuable Data, View Sales Flow & Receive Automated Reports

The data you collect can be exported to a variety of web-applications. Store your leads into a CRM and create a retarget list or a list of preferred clients. Use the data you've acquired to pre-qualify leads for certain offers, or to route them intelligently to the right department, making the sales process simpler and quicker for both your customer and sales agent.

Dont be left in the dark, start tracking your calls today and take your sales performance to the next level!

All the data you've gathered can create multiple positive opportunities for your business

Contact our sales team for an online demonstration, The Retreaver platform will provide you with all the resources you need to optimize your advertising outreach, maximize sales results and provide excellent customer service over the phone!

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