by Alex Asadi, Community Engagement Support

What makes Retreaver stand out from the crowd?

Retreaver started in 2012 as Call Pixels, measuring inbound phone sale statistics for various online businesses. Since then, Retreaver has steadily grown to offer an easy to use online platform and supports access to a responsive API, enabling powerful integration possibilities for all types of web content.

Retreaver supports the latest call tracking features you have come to expect, enterprise marketing and phone sales have changed a lot over the years, let us help you measure your success.

by Bianca Cruz, Knowledge Base Writer

Defining Multi Vs Omni Marketing Approaches

Marketing is an industry full of buzzwords, and at first glance the terms multichannel and omnichannel marketing seem to be describing the same thing. Both involve reaching out to customers in a variety of ways, and both involve monitoring touchpoints. Marketers need to know what those differences are so that they can decide which goal to shoot for.

by Bianca Cruz, Knowledge Base Writer

What are Dynamic Phone Numbers?

A dynamic phone number is displayed on a website or landing page and changes depending on the data associated with the caller’s context and journey. For instance, if a user finds your landing page via organic search, they see Phone Number A; if they click through an ad to the same landing page, they see phone number B. The process of substituting numbers automatically on web pages is called Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI).

by Jason Kay, Call Tracking Expert

Routing Settings 2.0

We're proud to introduce our new Routing Settings interface, offering streamlined management of how your calls are routed, all at the campaign level.

This new interface simplifies many common tasks and makes it easy for campaign managers to find gaps in buyer coverage.

by Jason Kay, Call Tracking Expert

The History of Webhooks in Retreaver

Retreaver first launched as CallPixels in 2012 as a call tracking platform for marketers. It allowed phone call outcomes to trigger pixels fires for the purpose of tracking call conversions. Tracking URLs eventually evolved into Webhooks as a means of communicating data between various web-services.

by Jason Kay, Call Tracking Expert

How HubSpot works with Retreaver

Retreaver is proud to showcase its integration with HubSpot, a leading CRM platform used by over 37,000 customers in 90 countries around the world for one sole purpose: To learn more about their customer journey. With the rising importance of phone calls, businesses need a reliable call tracking and data collection service, HubSpot helps keeps all that valuable data organized.