by Cindy Li, Marketing Specialist & Content Writer
January 15, 2021 17:15
How To Ensure Every Call Gets Answered

Ensuring every call gets answered

How quickly do you respond to web-generated leads? A day later? Maybe a week?

It’s tempting to let the response time slide in favor of larger or more urgent leads. After all, they already expressed interest by filling out a form, right? So they should still be interested by the time you get around to contacting them. However, “more than half of B2B companies still aren’t following up with leads-at all“.

Missing calls is not just about missing a potential revenue opportunity, it hurts your brand trust and credibility in the long run. Nothing drops conversions quicker than letting solid leads slip through the cracks, customers want to feel valued.

Why 5 minutes is the cut-off for lead response time conducted a study on web-generated leads and how to get optimal contact and qualification rates. Lead response time was by far the biggest and most surprising factor in a sales team’s success.

According to the study:

  • The odds of contacting a lead in the first 5 minutes vs 30 minutes drops 100 times. That means 99% of a leads interest in a product or service vanishes if not contacted in time.
  • The odds of qualifying a lead in the same situation drops 21 times, meaning a leads willingness to continue on with a sales process after a long delay before being contacted drops a frightening 95%.

While 30 minutes doesn't seem like much time, it can make an incredible difference in your chances of converting a lead. If your brand is difficult to reach, and your agents are unable to provide a return call in time, your prospective customer will have moved on to find other solutions.

It all boils down to the speed of response. 90% of all companies didn’t respond in under five minutes, that presents a valuable competitive opportunity for your business.

You already have a brand, a product or service thats performing well, a dedicated team of agents that can handle calls and several prospective customers. You have to put the right people, processes, and tools in place if you want to perform at a high level, thats where Retreaver comes in.

What you need to respond to leads in under 5 minutes

We understand that businesses can be busy, not every agent can be available 24/7, but there are simple ways to drastically improve your response rate:

First take a look at the process for handling web-generated leads. Who receives them? How does the team know there is a lead in the first place? Are you relying on agents to scan a page every now and then?

Retreaver supports third party integrations using Zapier, this means that a webhook could be fired to send a message to your favorite communication platform as soon as a call is received. Send an email or Slack message, open a pop up on a web page or even text your available agents so they can hop on and contact a lead the moment they engage with your brand.

Retreaver's Click-To-Call functionality

When your business relies on calls (and should since calls convert higher), Retreaver’s Live Agent Call Initiation> closes the response gap to less than 1 minute. When an agent is available and answers, they are notified that a lead has submitted the form, what their name and intention is, and then connects them to the visitor using their provided phone number. Click-To-Call will initiate a call to your team of agents as soon as your web lead enters their phone number and submits your form.

View our Retreaver functionality spotlight: Click-To-Call article to learn more.

You also have the option of offering a return call if no agent was available at the time. Certain IVR solutions allow the customer to reserve their place in the queue, then hang up in order to be contacted later. The system then returns their call when an agent is available. The only thing your agent needs to do is pick up the phone.

You want a system that has as few bottlenecks as possible so that the lead can flow smoothly from form to agent.

Use Retreaver to maximize your chances of successfully converting a lead by automatically initiating return calls.

Grow Your Business Using Call Tracking

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