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Agent speaking to customer, both contributing to outcome and company success.

“84 percent of marketers agree attribution is either critical or very important to marketing success”

– Adroll

Software designed for your agency.

Make phone calls digital
Treat phone calls like any other digital call to action and give your leads a direct path to sales, confident you can attribute their source and track conversions.
Complete ROI analytics
Go beyond the clicks by attributing conversions to the calls and call sources that drove them and get full credit for your marketing efforts.
Multi-channel call attribution
Track every call back to the online and offline campaigns, channels, and sources they came from.
Client call reporting
Post each call and call outcome automatically to your client’s favourite reporting tools in real-time.
Manage multiple clients
Administer all your clients, their billing and reporting from one centralized account.
Grow your revenue
Inbound call tracking gives your agency another offering to expand the work you do for your clients.

Call Tracking

Every call has many data points. Retreaver helps you harness all of them to improve results for your clients.
Unlimited data attributes
Track calls beyond UTM parameters to capture any number of attributes about your client’s callers.
Complete attribution
Attribute calls to any source and ensure you receive full credit for your multi-channel marketing efforts.
Integrate form data
Append caller data from lead forms to the call, use it data to trigger sales agent follow ups, to greet them by name, and to enhance their profile.
Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI)
Automatically replace numbers on landing pages with numbers to track visitors, personas, keywords, and other data with your calls.
Ad, keyword, and creative tracking
Track calls from ads back to the creative, keyword, and/or campaign. Capture unique click IDs to synchronize conversions with your favourite ad platforms.
Conversions by source
View which call sources are delivering the most calls, and which are delivering the most sales as Retreaver tracks conversion data right back onto each call.
Conversions by attribute
Drill into conversions by any call attribute, including by number, by campaign, by keyword, by ad, by segment, or even by lead lifecycle stage.
True marketing ROI
Track the revenue earned and the cost paid for each converted call you send to clients automatically and view the calculated ROI of each of your call campaigns.
Synchronize with client systems
Send to, and receive call data from, your client’s lead and sales tracking systems like HubSpot, Salesforce and InfusionSoft.

Conversion analytics

Identify the calls resulting in sales, and use conversion data to showcase the true value of your efforts.

Call Reporting

With all that call data, Retreaver also delivers powerful reports to analyze it and tools to send call data to business reporting solutions.
Live call analytics
View your live and recent calls by source, by campaign and by handling agent on the Retreaver dashboard, while tracking the number of calls received and converted.
Detailed call logs
Quickly drill into the caller journeys you’ve put in place, the tagged data, and the detailed properties of each call.
Automated report delivery
Schedule custom call reports to be sent to any stakeholder automatically.
Export call data
Select exactly the call data you need and download it into an excel or CSV file for use with your favourite spreadsheet and analysis tools.
ROI Reporting
Analyse the ROI of your phone-based marketing by call source, campaign, tracking number or handling agent.
Live reporting tool updates
Send call data to reporting analytics tools and data warehouses in real-time.
Multiple client management
Manage the call tracking needs for all of your clients from within a single Retreaver account.
Co-administrate client accounts
Set up clients with their own accounts if they prefer and assist as a co-administrator from your account.
Per client billing
Producing billing for each unique client, broken down by calls, campaigns, and numbers used.
Self-serve client reporting
Choose to provide your clients with their own account access to view detailed call logs for every lead you send them.
Automated client reporting
Create and schedule detailed call reports for automatic delivery to clients.

Client management

Easily manage each of your client’s unique call tracking needs from a single Retreaver account.

Caller Journeys

Design, build and launch in minutes personalized caller journeys that scale.
Flexible call journeys
Create hundreds of personalized caller journeys in minutes with tag-based routing.
Easy split testing
Analyze and improve call experiences by quickly duplicating caller journeys, tweaking testable elements like prompts or routing instructions, and then letting the calls flow.
Trigger marketing automations
Let call outcomes trigger the next marketing action for leads and customers. Send a text message, enroll in a workflow, notify a manager - do what’s best for your call journey.
Transfer numbers between journeys
Improve caller journeys by duplicating existing campaigns, by modifying and testing them, and then by easily switching your tracking numbers without missing a call.
Instant Lead Follow Up
Get your sales team on the phone with leads within seconds of a form submission to increase your rates of conversion.
Dynamic Agent Whispers
Present call and contact data to agents before the caller is connected using a whisper prompt containing data about the unique caller.
HubSpot Integration
Fetch caller contact data and track calls right onto their timeline. Use their data in real-time to send calls to HubSpot owners, to inform agents, and to trigger workflows.
Eloqua Integration
Design and build call campaigns right from within Oracle Marketing Cloud, and track your leads right into the Eloqua contact database.
Google Analytics Integration
Send call data and conversion information into Google Analytics and Adwords automatically.
Post your call data to 3rd party services and tools like reporting, tracking, and contact management systems.
Give your developers permission to get creative with call data and call experiences that leverage the comprehensive Retreaver API.
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