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by Stan Pavlovsky, Call Tracking Expert

How Call Tracking Opens Up Growth Opportunities

Tracking customer phone calls improves the way companies serve customers and directly impacts customer satisfaction. Here’s how and why every company should consider call tracking to improve customer success.

by Jason Kay, Call Tracking Expert

The History of Webhooks in Retreaver

Retreaver first launched as CallPixels in 2012 as a call tracking platform for marketers. It allowed phone call outcomes to trigger pixels fires for the purpose of tracking call conversions. Tracking URLs eventually evolved into Webhooks as a means of communicating data between various web-services.

by Bianca Cruz, Knowledge Base Writer

How To Increase Your Marketing ROI

Call intelligence is a valuable tool for growing your business. It clarifies which efforts are producing the biggest impact and which are earning you a poor return on investment (ROI). Call tracking can improve your paid campaigns, help you attract new customers and give your teams an edge in closing deals.

by Jason Kay, Call Tracking Expert

How HubSpot works with Retreaver

Retreaver is proud to showcase its integration with HubSpot, a leading CRM platform used by over 37,000 customers in 90 countries around the world for one sole purpose: To learn more about their customer journey. With the rising importance of phone calls, businesses need a reliable call tracking and data collection service, HubSpot helps keeps all that valuable data organized.

by Jason Kay, Call Tracking Expert

Integration Trends for Marketers

If MarTech’s conference in San Jose proved anything, it's that the marketing software industry has grown into a tech powerhouse—and has yet to grow even further. Marketing technology shows no sign of slowing down. Over time, more martech solutions will appear, grow, and evolve. With all the recent technological breakthroughs set to become mainstream this year - It will be an exciting time for developers and business owners looking to leverage new powerful tech solutions.