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by Laura Berwick, Content Creator & Support

How Web Activity is Trackable On Phone Calls

Metrics are an important facet of any marketing and ad campaign. With data metrics in hand you see the actions customers take when they visit your website. See which links they click, and even go back through the customer journey to see which ad campaigns drew them to your website in the first place. Connect different data points and integrate the same tracking information into your analytics for the phone calls your business receives.

by Alex Asadi, Community Engagement Support

What makes Retreaver stand out from the crowd?

Retreaver started in 2012 as Call Pixels, measuring inbound phone sale statistics for various online businesses. Overtime Retreaver has grown to offer an easy to use online platform and supports access to a responsive API, enabling powerful integration possibilities with any web element on your web pages.

Retreaver supports several call tracking features you have come to expect in 2019, enterprise marketing and phone sales have changed over the years, let us help you measure your success.

by Bianca Cruz, Knowledge Base Writer

Capitalize on the value of your phone calls

It’s hard to imagine why businesses have abandoned the telephone in modern marketing. Mobile advertising has taken off, and the vast majority of consumers are now interacting with brands through a mobile device. While smartphones are often first thought of as Internet-enabled devices, they are still at their core devices used to make a direct connection.

by Laura Berwick, Content Creator & Support

Setting up a Caller Queue

Missing calls is not just about missing a potential revenue opportunity, it hurts your brand trust and credibility in the long run. Nothing drops conversions quicker than letting solid leads slip through the cracks, customers want to feel valued. Learn how to set up a system to process overflow calls.

by Laura Berwick, Content Creator & Support

Introduction To A/B Testing

If digital marketers deploy ad campaigns without analytics, how will they know what worked and didn’t work? Modern, digital consumers leave a trail of digital breadcrumbs for marketers to follow and analyze along the path to purchase. As a digital marketer, if you’re going to make data-driven decisions you need analytics to deliver those data points. A/B testing will help you determine which channels are operating at peak efficiency.

by Bianca Cruz, Knowledge Base Writer

Defining Multi Vs Omni Marketing Approaches

Marketing is an industry full of buzzwords, and at first glance the terms multichannel and omnichannel marketing seem to be describing the same thing. Both involve reaching out to customers in a variety of ways, and both involve monitoring touchpoints. Marketers need to know what those differences are so that they can decide which goal to shoot for.